Living arrows {19/06/17}

Living arrows {19/06/17}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- Kahlil Gibran 

We are on our holiday! On the morning of Saturday 17th June after a quick breakfast as we was raring to get going, the car was packed and we was off! We made a short pit stop at Asda, with Freya excitedly shouting “holiday, holiday” as we parked up, so cute, gathered some  supplies for the journey and then we was on our way to beautiful Cornwall for a much needed week away.

 Whilst on holiday we will be staying at White Acres Holiday Park located near Newquay. It’s a stunning holiday park set in 184 acres of countryside and it’s become a sort of family tradition to try and come down at least once a year with Luke’s parents, we’re staying with them and also Luke’s brother Ryan, Ryan’s lovely girlfriend Tamara and her daughter Shaniah. Freya’s so excited to be staying with her best friend and everyone else.

So far we’ve been super lucky with the weather (fingers crossed it lasts). I thought I’d share a photo from our trip to the beach on Sunday.

Freya loves sand but this was actually her first proper trip to the beach! After being a bit wary at first, as soon as she was used to the feel of sand between her toes she was very happily playing with Shaniah, both digging up the sand, collecting pebbles and knocking down every sandcastle I built. Lots of fun.


It was a really enjoyable day and it’s so lovely watching the little ones play together and to spend time with everyone.

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Mummy musings {14/06/17}

Mummy musings {14/06/17}

It’s a beautiful sunny June hump day and it’s so lovely to be able to have the windows and back door open letting in the breeze and hearing the birds sing, they always sound so jolly! I’m sat here eating lunch, catching up with Eastenders whilst getting ready for work and being fed some sort of pretend concoction by little monkey with her pink Peppa pig plastic cutlery (shoving it into my mouth as I write this!) she does make me giggle, she loves pretend play and when we play along. at the moment she’s also enjoying learning numbers and doing really well, she’ll count along with us and it’s the cutest thing, very proud of our little monkey, singing, dancing, bubbles and bouncing is also current favourites.

So as you’ve probably guessed I felt the urge to have a little write up, bit of a catch up really whilst little one is happily playing in her little Peppa pig kitchen. How are you all? I hope your week is going well. This week for us is full of household chores, organising and holiday packing! We’re off to Cornwall soon for what feels like a well needed break!  I can’t wait! So because of that I’m currently attempting to get through a mountain of washing (it really does resemble a mountain) and get the house uptogether as returning to a mess is never nice.

We love Cornwall and do try to have a break there at least once a year, little monkey was 3 months old on her first visit and we went down a couple of times last year but this time she’ll be properly up and about exploring everything which is very exciting.

I love holidays and we’re very lucky to be going however does anyone else find the preparation, mainly the packing, a little bit tedious, although it doesn’t help that I usually leave it all to the night before, this time I’m trying to be a little more organised. I wish i could be more relaxed about it like Luke, throw in enough underwear, couple pairs of shorts and chino’s a few tops and he’s set!

Also,lately for me it seems that no matter how much washing I do there’s still a load,or two, in the laundry basket or no matter how much I tidy there still seems to be mess! I guess it has been a little hectic lately with Luke working longer hours (thankfully back to normal hours now for a while), wedding planning and with my anxiety flaring a little.

Mess usually does tend to make me feel a little on edge and can make me anxious however I am making more of an effort to be a bit more laid back about it, as, let’s face it keeping,  a tip top tidy house with a toddler and often a busy schedule it’s not easy.

I mean don’t get me wrong of course I’m going to be all over keeping the house clean,  but I’m trying not to get so stressed about the little messes, toys, laundry and a few dishes, that sort of thing, because in the grand scheme of things it’s not really all that important.

Toys across the living room mean little one has been having fun, piles of washing means we have clothes to put on our backs, plates in the sink mean we’ve eaten and have full tummies and it will all get done eventually but maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself when it’s not sorted straight away. I’ll work on that and let you know how it goes!!

Wedding planning is coming along well, we have set the date, booked the venue and Photographer and when we’re back from our holiday It’s going to be full on planning mode because time is just flying by! We have just over a year until our big day.

For now though as I said this week is pretty much full of trying to cram in planning, prep and packing for holiday and a hell of a lot of laundry, whilst keeping little monkey entertained and all the other things is Mummy and daddies do and a couple of afternoons at work! but it’ll all be worth it and I cannot wait to have a week of quality family time, look out for some holiday posts over the next couple of weeks!

 I do have some other posts scheduled but will probably have more random musings going up alongside those, for now I’m off to work, as always thanks for reading.





#MyWeeklyHug Linky

#MyWeeklyHug Linky

This week i have linked up with the lovely Cheryl from Mummy of 5 Miricles, Cheryl is hosting the brand new #MyWeeklyHug linky and welcomes all to share a photo of a warm cosy cuddle, a quick squeeze, a snoozy snuggle or any kind of lovely hug from your week be It with your children, other half, parents, siblings, friends or even a pet! A lovely lonely that encourages sharing something positive from your week.

My photo is actually from today (6/6/17), although it is starting to brighten up now for the majority of the day the weather has been wet, windy and overall quite gloomy so this afternoon my little monkey and me have been enjoying some sweet snoozy snuggles on the sofa whilst watching her current favourite film Finding Nemo and some of her favourite Cartoons.

Our little girl is growing up so fast, as a baby she would often fall asleep cuddled up on me or her daddy, as a toddler she is still a cuddly little lady and will give more often than not give us a hug if we ask  however doesn’t often sit still for long therefore I really do treasure these moments. Please excuse my lack of make-up!

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Pj’s, cuddles, movies and a pop up tent!

Pj’s, cuddles, movies and a pop up tent!

So the past week hasn’t been the greatest, Little one was struck with a nasty virus that really knocked her back and has meant we’ve spent the majority of the week indoors apart from a visit to the Doctors and a quick food shop, Luke and myself haven’t been feeling the best either and therefore pictures have been few and far between. I know it’s just one of those things and inevitably a part of childhood however it sure does suck when your little one is unwell!

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Next Wish List- Toddler edition

Next Wish List- Toddler edition

Well I’m quite certain that I’ve said this at the start of every month this year and I’m sure I’ll say it again a fair few times but how fast is this year flying by!! It’s June … already! It doesn’t seem that long ago we was celebrating Christmas and now we’re half way through 2017! WHAT! We have a family holiday coming up, a week away in beautiful Cornwall and I cannot wait, I’m definitely ready for a holiday and hopefully we’ll get some lovely sunshine!

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