Freya’s Favourites

Freya’s Favourites



Processed with MOLDIV Top 5- Freya’s current favourites 

Bricks – Wooden or Duplo, anything block like that you can build with, little monkey has loved! She’s enjoyed building towers with mummy and daddy and also had lots of fun knocking them back down or destroying anything we attempt to build as well as tipping out the entire container and spreading it throughout the house! But it is lots of fun and actually It seems even as an adult playing with Duplo can be very enjoyable. It’s also been a fantastic for helping Freya to start recognising colours.

Exploring – This year we made a resolution to get out and about more and we’re all absolutely loving it! Freya is always so happy to be out exploring and we even ventured out without the pram a couple of times as now she would much rather be up and walking! Our baby is growing up so fast! Now, fingers crossed, the weather is improving I’m excited to plan a few more trips, look out for a blog post on that soon. 

Here’s Freya just after an ice cream on a beautiful day a local picnic spot.

Trains, cars and trucks or anything with wheels is a winner with Freya at the moment! She’s much more interested in the Thomas and friends trainset we brought her last Christmas and watching her push around the cars making sound effects is the cutest thing!

Little Tikes Coupe – Little monkey was very lucky and received a very special Easter present from her Nana and Grampa, a Little Tikes Fairy Coupe (another thing with wheels) and she absolutely loves it! We even had to resort to letting her eat lunch in there at one point!  

Arts&Crafts: we’ve had are fair share of rainy/cold days and Freya’s been enjoying anything crafty, colouring,painting, making she’s loved getting involved, perfect rainy day activities and so far she has been very good at keeping it on the paper, no coloured wall incidents just yet! The thing is I hate throwing any of her little masterpieces away, even when if it’s just a scribble, so I think we’re going to have to get a bigger fridge so we have more display room. 🙂

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