Growing up

Growing up


It seems I’ve mentioned this so much lately but it’s true, our little baby girl is growing up so fast, she’ll be 2 on the 23rd of May and I just cannot believe how it’s crept up on us so quickly! How are we almost half way through the year already? Is it flying by for anyone else?

It doesn’t seem like almost 2 years ago we brought our little monkey home for the first time, so relieved to be back in our comfort zone, in awe of our beautiful little girl, exhausted and just a little or maybe a lot… yes totally terrified that now this perfect little baba was completely dependant on us and although we’d felt we was somewhat prepared, well… I’d read the mags, had a google history full of pregnancy and baby searches and we’d watched tons of One Born Every Minute, we were totally winging it! I don’t think any amount of baby books, catching z’s or google surfing could have prepared us for the whirlwind of becoming parents. The most challenging and the most rewarding adventure.

“The day you came into my life I knew what my purpose was. To love and protect with everything I have”

– quote from Facebook motherhooduncutpage

I’ve been looking back through all of our photo’s and video’s of our little Freya, something I do often, and it’s incredible to see how much she’s changed.

I got teary eyed when myself and Luke talked about those first few months, discussing those treasured memories. One thing that came up was when me and little munchkin went to baby yoga! I remember her happily led there wriggling around curiously watching what was going on around her, grabbing for the toys and enjoying the interaction with her little baba buddies, Such a little bundle of beauty, She’s always enjoyed being out and about and is very sociable most of the time.

She’s growing into such a wonderful, loving, funny, beautiful little girl and such a character. Of course its true that our darling daughter can also be a right mischievous, naughty little monkey, mostly when she’s tired but what toddler doesn’t have those moments? Laughter, tears, great days, crappy days, love, joy, frustration, highs, lows its all part of what being parents is all about.

Freya truly amazes me everyday, She’s learning all the time, new skills, new words, shapes and colours, all sorts! I popped on CBeebies at breakfast recently to keep her entertained whilst I got the food prepared, and to keep her from emptying the lower cupboards of its mixing bowls and jugs….again! She’s sat there watching Twirlywoo’s happily chatting away and I hear her saying”blue, pink, orange” (it’s totally adorable how she says Orange!) and I look up and she’s describing the colour of the balls running across the screen! The joy that those moments bring is just indescribable, I do get so excited! My clever little girl.

Isn’t it just amazing to watch your children learn, explore and discover new things?  Don’t get me wrong, of course there are days that little monkey drives me almost potty, as I mentioned above motherhood is truly by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced… however it’s also the most wonderful, most precious and the most rewarding journey and seeing our little baby, well now toddle,  but she’ll always be our little baby girl, developing, discovering and learning so many new things is so very exciting. Those Moments are absolutely priceless!

It’s incredible to watch her grow and develop into her own little character, our little monkey (I’m sure she won’t always be so keen on that nickname) I’m so very proud and so very lucky to be her mummy.

We love you so very much little monkey.

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