10 little things that make me happy.

10 little things that make me happy.

I’ve been tagged to share ten little things that make me happy! What a lovely post to write as even just thinking about those favourite things brings a smile to my face.

Life at the moment can often seem pretty hectic, what with work, wedding planning and all what comes with being a mummy. It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and it’s those little things that make you happy that can help ease that stress and get you through. So here’s my ten.

1. Family: Now I know that family isn’t just a little thing, they are the most important thing and overall the biggest thing that makes me happy but it’s also many of the little things they do that brighten my days.  The little things that Freya does daily which always makes me smile, her cheeky laugh which show off her gorgeous dimples, when she gives me a cuddle for no other reason than just wanting to, when she says I love you, when she blows me a kiss, watching her play happily. Luke’s humour, he always find a way to make me smile, he always brings me a cup of tea in the morning and rings to see if we’re ok, seeing him smile. A phone call or message from my Mum a conversation with my Dad, Sunday lunch together and time spent with Luke’s family. They’ve stood by me and been by my side through so much and I love them all to the moon and back, and more!

2. Long baths: for me there’s nothing more pampering than a nice hot luxurious bubble bath that doesn’t have to be rushed!

3. Books: Indulging in a good book is another of my favourite things, something I find very relaxing and need to try and make more time for…. maybe whilst I’m in a nice hot bubbly bath! I’m currently getting through Happy Mum, happy baby by Giovanna Fletcher. Such an honest and really well written account of her adventures in parenthood so far. I know it’s been super popular but if you haven’t yet already I’d highly  recommend adding it to your collection.

4. Hot cup of tea! I think I may have a little tea obsession but It’s true these days a hot cup of tea consumed without trying to avoid spilling on my darling daughter who seems to think it’s a cue to start climbing all over me is rare and often enjoyed at luke warm at best. So a hot cuppa definitely makes me happy…. how about A hot cuppa whilst reading a good book in a nice hot bubbly bath! 😀

5. Family days out: whether it’s a holiday, weekend away, a trip to the Zoo, a picnic, a walk or just a visit to the park, I love to be out and about, it helps my anxiety and you just can’t beat that special, quality family time.

This was taken on a lovely sunny day in April, it was perfect picnic weather.

6. Make-up: I love that there’s always something new coming out, something new to discover. I love how creative it can be and the confidence it can give. I have always loved make-up yet since becoming a mummy it’s definitely taken a bit of a back seat however with the wedding next year I’m starting to rediscover my passion for all things make-up.

7. Writing/blogging: I’ve loved to write since an early age, throughout childhood I’d write stories then went on to keep journals, I’m very new to blogging but I am absolutely loving it!

8. Fresh flowers: I love to have fresh flowers in the house, they brighten up the room, smell gorgeous and definitely makes me happy.

9: A tidy house: a little challenging with a toddler on the loose and I’m definitely a lot more laid back about it than I was but every now and then it’s nice to have a good clean up!

10. Shopping: even if it’s just window shopping I like to see what’s on trend and what’s new, particularly love shopping for the little one, just wish I had a bigger budget for it!

A big thank you to the very lovely Tamara   (The Epileptic Blogger) for tagging me.

I would like to tag a few fantastic bloggers I’ve recently started following:

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Apologies if you’ve already been tagged xxx

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