Happy Birthday Freya

Happy Birthday Freya

Dear Freya,

On the 23rd of May 2015 at 12:19 pm we welcomed you into the world, you my darling daughter granted our wish of becoming parents and introduced us to the whirlwind adventure that is parenthood.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon  but you still had to be wrapped up nice and snuggly and wear the tiniest knitted hat I’d ever seen to keep you nice and warm. You were 5lbs and 5oz of pure perfection and I couldn’t help but cry very happy tears when the midwife put you into my arms for the first time, it’s hard to find words to describe that feeling little one, me and your daddy was over the moon, overwhelmed with love and joy and truthfully a little nervous and so incredibly relieved to be holding you close to us.

I needed a little help after you were born so Daddy cuddled you close whilst the lovely midwives and other medical staff looked after me, those 30 minutes or so away from you and your daddy seemed so much longer and were unbearable,  I just wanted to get back to you as soon as possible. We was reunited on the recovery ward and I was so, so happy to be back with my little family, we couldn’t stop staring at you, you were, and still are, the most precious, most beautiful little girl, our little baby girl, our absolute world. Daddy, as always, was totally amazing he looked after me and changed your first stinky nappy and got you dressed for the first time in your cute, fresh sleep suit which even though was new born size was still way too big, but gorgeous. One of our favourites was a lovely baby pink, fluffy, soft Minnie Mouse sleep suit which we couldn’t wait to see you in.

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It was such a relief to get you comfy and settled at home, you had lots of lovely cards and presents from family and friends and they couldn’t wait to see you and have cuddles, me and daddy loved to snuggle you too, and of course still do, you give the best cuddles.

The last 2 years have flown by and you are now a toddler, although no matter how grown up you are you’ll always be our little baby. I can’t quite believe how quickly you are growing, a lot of people say that the time flies and now I know what they mean, it doesn’t seem that long ago we was bringing you home for the first time and now we’re celebrating your 2nd Birthday. You absolutely love Paw patrol so that’s the theme for the cake, I hope you like it, your favourite was Sky pup but now you seem to prefer Rubble, you can now say all the pups names and love to watch them on the TV.

At the moment you are also enjoying Finding Nemo and Toy story, puzzles, trains, building bricks, colouring in and play dough but mostly you just love any chance to get outdoors, picnics, parks, walks, or even just in the back garden any chance to be outside you’ll be there, usually wearing one of your pretty hats and sometimes your welly boots. You love most fruit, especially strawberries but you’re not so keen on vegetables … except peas, you love peas, although a lot usually ends up on the floor. We don’t mind as long as you eat some. You also love spaghetti, sausages and chicken nuggets!

You’re learning new words, colours, shapes and numbers,  you truly amaze us everyday and are very good now at telling us what you want. You can say please and thank you and it absolutely melts my heart, you can also say your name. Our clever little girl.

My darling you are growing up into such a beautiful, loving, clever little girl, such a character and very cheeky, always managing to make me and Daddy laugh and anyone that’s around you. You bring so many smiles and so much joy to so many people, you truly brighten up even the gloomiest of days and are so loved little one.

Freya, our darling daughter, our little monkey, our world, we love you so very much baby girl, to the moon and back and so much more and we are so very lucky and so proud to be your mummy and daddy.

Happy 2nd birthday little monkey!


lots of love, hugs and kisses from Mummy and Daddy xxx







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