Pj’s, cuddles, movies and a pop up tent!

Pj’s, cuddles, movies and a pop up tent!

So the past week hasn’t been the greatest, Little one was struck with a nasty virus that really knocked her back and has meant we’ve spent the majority of the week indoors apart from a visit to the Doctors and a quick food shop, Luke and myself haven’t been feeling the best either and therefore pictures have been few and far between. I know it’s just one of those things and inevitably a part of childhood however it sure does suck when your little one is unwell!

On Bank Holiday Monday, we had planned to head down to the annual woolsack races however Freya had a bit of a temperature and the weather was pants so we decided against dragging her out and settled for a chilled out movie day.

Despite being a bit under the weather though little monkey was still smiling and being her cheeky little self, she was very happy to relax on the sofa and watch Sing! A movie I myself have wanted to watch for ages, it didn’t disappoint and was lots of fun, even Luke admitted to enjoying it after reluctantly giving in to my request to watch it! Great family film!


Unfortunately Freya was sick that night, thankfully only the once, but despite seeming to improve throughout Tuesday her temperature rocketed in the early hours of Wednesday morning prompting a visit to the Doctors and as we suspected she had a virus. The doctor was great and done a thorough check and advised just to give her body time to fight it off before resorting to antibiotics so lots of fluids cuddles and snoozing!

Within the next couple of days symptoms of the virus did clear however she developed a rash on her torso which made me super anxious, glass test was fine, and I know I probably shouldn’t have but I did consult Dr Google but, credit where credits due, it was spot on! I rang our Doctors just to be sure and they reassured me it was all part of the virus and actually it’s usually a sign of it getting better.

By the weekend we was extremely relieved that little one was much better, we had our cheeky, happy, mischievous little monkey back. Luke was working over the weekend and as all three hadn’t been on top form during the week housework was on the agenda for Saturday morning! Although Little one is good at entertaining herself I do always have a little mum guilt when I’m preoccupied doing housework but she did get involved when she could and after a morning of sorting toys, laundry, washing up, dusting and vacuuming we headed outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Little monkey had fun in her pop up princess tent which now seems to have become part of the living room décor, it is cute though!


We had a chilled out Sunday finished off with a take away and TV whilst little lady was snuggled up in bed.

fingers crossed we’ve seen the back of the germs and June takes a more positive turn. Thank you for reading.

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