Living Arrows #3 {12/06/17}

Living Arrows #3 {12/06/17}

“You are the bows from which your children as living Arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran”

I’m really enjoying linking up with Donna from What the Redhead said  for living arrows.

Recently Luke has been working further afield and longer hours and me and little monkey have missed him loads so it was so lovely to go out and spend some time together late afternoon on Friday. We took a trip to the Mall at Cribs Causeway to have some tea (or dinner…I’ve always called it tea) and a little mooch around to find a present for a very special little girls 3rd birthday that Sunday.

I’ve mentioned before that little monkey absolutely loves to be out and about, even if its just a quick shopping trip. Now she’s a little older she’s not so content to lounge in her pushchair and will soon be asking to get “out, out out” so she can go explore. I love how curious she is and although she does keep us on our toes, she’s very well behaved the majority of the time. As we was walking through the mall she spotted the big fountain in the middle and headed that way. She loves to watch the water and threw in a couple of coins ( Money thrown in is collected and shared between local charities). We stayed there for a while just enjoying the moment, enjoying her smiles and the time together, priceless.

Little monkey also had fun sneaking around, climbing and rearranging shoes, making us both laugh as she does. 🙂

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