Cornwall 2017 {Day 1}

Cornwall 2017 {Day 1}

On June 17th 2017 we woke bright (well kind of), early and full of excitement as it was the day our holiday began! We got ourselves ready, had a quick brekkie, packed the car and then we was off. We’d done most of the packing the night before, which for us, although it may not seem it to others, was much more organised than previous years where I’ve been frantically running around the house throwing things in the suitcase on the morning of departure! It was a lot less stressful, heaps more relaxed and definitely the way forward.

I’ve mentioned in recent posts that it has become tradition to try and make at least one visit per year to the family favourite White Acres Holiday Park, located near Newquay, Cornwall at least once a year with my soon to be in laws and we do tend to stop at Asda for a breakfast before the journey however this year myself, Luke and little monkey was raring to go and had breakfast at home, we did pop in to gather supplies for the journey and then was on our way to beautiful Cornwall. Freya was excitedly shouting “holiday, holiday” which was super cute, she slept some of the way and was quite happy the rest of the time, I think quite curious of where we was going. Overall the journey down was smooth, the sun was shining and we made good time arriving at approximately 3pm.

As I mentioned above we stayed at White Acres Holiday Park with Luke’s parents and also Luke’s brother Ryan, Ryan’s girlfriend Tamara and her daughter Shaniah. Freya was super excited to be staying with her best friend Shaniah and It was so nice to be spending time with everyone. White Acres is set in 184 acres of beautiful countryside and has 13 gorgeous lakes ideal for a spot of fishing which makes it a favourite for Luke’s father and brother who are both keen fishermen.


Not long after we arrived we decided to take the girls to one of the onsite parks, the pirate ship! The weather was stunning so after plenty of sun cream and drinks packed we headed off to find the ship, girls hand in hand happily toddling along. As suspected the park was a hit and the littlies had lots fun exploring the pirate ship, as did us adults, playing in the sand and zooming down the slides, which were a lot faster than expected by Luke and Ryan!


After sorting the rooms, blowing up the first of two peppa pig blow up beds (a story for a later post) a cheeky Mcdonalds tea and quick trip to the local supermarket to get supplies for the week the rest of the afternoon was nice and relaxed which was very welcome as I think the journey and the heat made us all rather tired, it was lovely to enjoy the evening sun and each others company and look forward to a week of family time. a lovely start to our Cornish holiday.



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