Cornwall 2017 {Day 2}

Cornwall 2017 {Day 2}

June 18th 2017, our first full day of our holiday in Cornwall and although we had a slightly unsettled nights sleep we woke to glorious sunshine and a positive feeling. Little monkey actually slept very well, however as lovely as it was our room was quite petite and little ones blow up bed would have blocked access to the door meaning we probably would have risked waking her whenever going in and out.

We therefore decided to let her sleep in with us, of course even though she’s the smallest she took up the most room and with the heat I found it hard to get comfortable, no complaints about the beds at all it was simply the heat and not having a lot of room which meant that night was actually the only night we slept in the bedroom and vacated to the lounge area (with the mattresses and the blow up bed) for the rest of the week which we found much more comfortable, cooler and quite fun.

With the weather on our side we all decided to take a trip to the beach and headed down to Newquay after breakfast. Freya does love playing in sand however this was her first proper trip to the beach and when told we was going to be building sandcastles both her and Shaniah were raring to go.  The beach isn’t Luke’s favourite place (he can’t stand sand sticking here, there and everywhere haha!) but even he was up for some time on the sand.

We realised when reaching Newquay town that we actually didn’t have buckets and spades for the little ones but a quick trip to Poundland ensured the girls were beach ready and with new buckets and spades in hands we made our way down to get sand between our toes. I can’t get enough of the Cornish views.

Little monkey was a bit unsure when she first set foot on the sand, but when she caught sight of Shaniah she was off and soon got used to the feel of sandy feet. we picked a spot, laid down the towels, enjoyed the stunning views and soaked up the sun. The girls were happily exploring the sand, curious of the seaweed, collecting pebbles and digging with their new spades. It was so heart warming to see them having so much fun together and the bond between them. We had lots of fun building sandcastles, the littlies knocking them down and Freya even had her very first paddle in the sea.

As you can see Grampy pat was making the most of the sunshine.

I do really love this next photo found below that was taken by the very lovely Tamara from The Epileptic Blogger capturing that first toddle in the sea.

Toddling in the sea.
The water was beautifully cool, very welcomed on such a hot day.
Cooling off in the sea.

After some time spent on the beautiful beach we headed to get a little something to eat. We found a lovely cafe a short walk from the beach which offered a large variety of goodies. After some debating Shaniah and Freya had a mini waffle covered in chocolate and cream, Ryan had the adult version, Tamara enjoyed a mint choc chip ice cream, the in laws went for a knickerbocker glory, Freya pinched quite a few of nana’s strawberries! Luke had a delicious looking cookie and cream sundae whilst I enjoyed a refreshing pinnapple sunset smoothie.

A beautiful day to spend down by the seaside.

Later on that day Pat, Ryan and Tamara went down to the onsite lakes to do a spot of fishing whilst the rest of us chilled out back at base camp! The little ones played happily and when they had both settled that evening us adults had fun playing some board games which Ryan and Tamara had brought along! I love board games but had more fun watching the others playing speak out! It was hilarious although I think there was a few sore gums afterwards. I did take part in Catchphrase, we played in teams of two and even though I thought I’d be rubbish me and Luke won with quite a lead. lots of fun had on another hot June evening.


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