Cornwall 2017 {Day 3} Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife Park

Cornwall 2017 {Day 3} Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife Park

Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife Park. 

19th June 2017, day three of our Cornish holiday and day three of waking to glorious sunshine. As much as I love these sunny days the heat always makes it much more difficult to sleep but we did find it a lot more comfortable out in the front of the Caravan and thankfully little lady didn’t seem to bothered by the hotter nights.

Now you may already know if you have been following my Instagram that I love owls! All three of us adore animals and particularly birds at the moment for little monkey so when it was suggested we visit Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife Park we jumped at the chance! After breakfast we gathered the essentials, Sun cream, drinks, nappies and the like and we were soon on our way.

Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife park officially began in 1990, they lovingly provide care and rehabilitation for sick and injured wild owls in Cornwall until they are ready for safe release or provide them with a suitable environment if they are permanently disabled. Other aims include raising awareness of the conservation needs of the owl species and undertaking captive breeding programmes conserving many owl species for the future. Screech has won a variety of awards including Small visitor attraction of the year.

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Screech is somewhere that we’ve been meaning to visit on previous stays in Cornwall however just never really got around to it, despite this I’ll be honest I didn’t do a lot of research beforehand and therefore didn’t really know what to expect. The sanctuary has this instant charm as you make your way along the path and enter  via the gift shop, which has a huge variety of owl and wildlife goodies that both Shaniah and Freya was very curious of, I also couldn’t help but have a sneaky browse as we was walking through to enter the sanctuary. Both girls was sporting a camera, Freya’s a pretend Peppa pig camera which we got from a Peppa pig mag! It was so very cute to see them stopping to take pictures, say cheese!

As well as the owls Screech has a variety of other wildlife that visitors are able to get up close to and even feed during the animal encounter tours, including raccoons, emus and pygmy goats. An animal encounter was beginning not long after we arrived so we made our way to take part. At that point the girls were much more interested in the many owls on route and the gravel and stones underfoot meaning myself, Ryan and Tamara trailed behind a little trying to encourage them along and didn’t quite make the start of the racoon talk however both were happy to watch the furry cuties once there and we’d caught up by the time the group came to the emus.

Freya wasn’t quite sure what to make of the emu’s but she happily watched as we fed the weirdly cute creatures, It amazed me how prehistoric the emu’s appeared and it was so interesting to hear all about there habits from the guide, who by the way was brilliant, very friendly and informative and happy to answer questions, it was clear to see she was very passionate and definitely knew what she was talking about.


The miniature Shetland ponies were adorable.

We also seen and heard about meerkats and fed pygmy goats during the animal encounter.


After the informative and fun animal encounter we spotted a cafe and headed In for a much needed drink and to feed the kids. Like the whole of the sanctuary the cafe had a warm, friendly and relaxed feel, they have a good variety of food available including an appealing kids menu. Freya had a sandwich meal deal which came with cheese sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bar and a drink. Us adults decided to have some lunch too and Myself and Luke went for a hot dog, however as there was only a couple of hot dog rolls left, and Pat and Dawn choosing the same meal, the staff were very accommodating and offered to do a sausage sandwich for me and Dawn instead, something they didn’t have to do. The portions were very generous, the food was delicious and the prices very reasonable. Very happy!

After lunch the girls were raring to go explore the playground which was just outside the cafe.

They had lots of fun running around, playing and sliding until we all headed off to the flying display.

We took our seats and waited for the display to begin, as you can imagine I was super excited to see the beautiful owls in all their glory and wasn’t disappointed! It was a great display, fun, informative and very captivating hearing about the sanctuary,  the beautiful owl species and seeing them up close.



Ryan and luke got up even closer

The littlies watched for a bit but then decided to keep nana on her toes by running around collecting yet more stones and throwing grass.

By now Freya was getting quite tired and so nearer the end of the flying display I took her for a little wander in her pram to try and get her to sleep. There are a variety of owl species cared for within the sanctuary that you can walk around and see at your leisure.

after a wander it was clear Freya wasn’t going to give in to a nap so I made my way back to the group where I passed a member of staff that informed me the afternoon animal encounter was about to begin. As we weren’t far from the raccoons, myself, Luke and little monkey decided to catch the start of the talk as I had missed it earlier on in the day. Freya loved watching the raccoons getting fed and being mischievous.

We regrouped and after a truly wonderful  time spent at Screech it was time to head  through the gift shop and back to White Acres. Of course we couldn’t leave without buying one or more little treasures. Freya chose a baby meerkat teddy and a pink owl bouncy ball and I got a new favourite owl mug for the copious amount of tea I drink!

One thing that was crystal clear to me throughout our visit was that the staff really enjoyed and were so passionate about what they do and the owls and other wildlife are loved and well looked after. Screech is a very friendly, relaxed and enjoyable place to visit with lovely facilities and very child friendly. We all had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife Park to anyone.

Later that day we had a lovely BBQ and relaxed onsite. A very enjoyable, wonderful day.


 Disclosure:- This post was in no way sponsored by Screech Owl and Wildlife park, all photos and opinions are my own.







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