Cornwall 2017 {Day 4}

Cornwall 2017 {Day 4}

20th June 2017, Day 4 of our Cornish getaway. I woke in the wee hours and noticed that little monkey’s blow up Peppa pig bed was looking a bit flat! Sure enough on a closer inspection our poor baby girl was basically sleeping on the floor! So Luke was moved to the sofa and Freya in with me until it was time to rise and shine.

After testing the blow up bed further at a more reasonable hour it was apparent there was either a small puncture or a defect in the seam however it wasn’t obvious where the air was escaping from and therefore impossible to fix, to be honest at £30 I would expect it to last a lot longer than 2 nights! Luckily we had a trip to Truro planned later that afternoon so packed it up hoping Argos, where we purchased the bed, would exchange it.

Before that though we had breakfast, chilled out for a while and then sun creamed up and armed with bread myself, Luke and Dawn took the girls on a search for some ducks! White acres is set within acres of beautiful countryside and the lake views are gorgeous, whether you’re planning a spot of fishing or just a nice walk, it’s a lovely setting. Freya and Shaniah were excited to be on the hunt for some quack, quacks and we did spot a couple…however we came across a lot more geese, it seemed the ducks were sheltering form the hot sun!


The gaggle of geese were enjoying the bread but wasn’t just happy with a few bits here and there and definitely had their eye on the lot and with the grown up geese, I’m assuming was Mama and Dada goose, starting to hiss we retreated bread intact and took a slow walk back to base camp.

After lunch we all made our way to Truro, the sun was shining and it was another hot and sticky day so any shop we entered that had air conditioning was a welcome relief. We successfully managed to exchange the blow up bed, thank you Argos, had a lovely browse around the town and then had a sit down and enjoyed ice cream and smoothies in a Thornton’s café. By this time I think the heat was getting to us all, I love the sun but it can be quite draining and I started to get a niggling headache, I don’t think I’d drank anywhere near enough that day but despite that it was a lovely afternoon and before we made our way back we picked up a little paddling pool for the girls to have a dip in to cool off.

Here’s a few Photo’s taken in Truro.

Sure enough Freya and Shaniah loved the pool, Freya beckoned me to get in so I did have a little paddle and my word it really was a great way to cool off! lovely. Both girls had lots of fun splashing and whilst the others went to get us all a chippy tea, which was so delicious, they managed to drench Dawn and had a good go at soaking me and Luke, it was lots of fun and when Pat, Ryan and Tamara returned we all enjoyed are chippy meals together. Another lovely day.

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