Cornwall 2017 {Day 5}

Cornwall 2017 {Day 5}

21st June 2017, Day 5 in Cornwall and the first fishing match for Pat and Ryan so they were both up and out early to prepare for a day of fishing. It was set to be another hot day and with a trip to Newquay planned for the afternoon we decided to have a leisurely morning relaxing at the caravan, fan on max, while the girls played happily.

Freya was very amused by the nifty ride on mower a member of staff was zooming around on making sure the grass was nice and trim!

When we’d sorted lunch Luke, myself and little monkey headed to Newquay town for an afternoon wander, browsing and seaside views. Newquay is a short journey from White acres and the time of year meant we were able to park close to the town centre and sea front, I’m sure it’ll be a different story in August when we’re very lucky to be going back (I can’t wait) with it being school summer holidays and board masters bringing in large crowds.

We love Newquay and always make sure to visit for a good look around when at White acres. We made are way to the top of town having a browse around the shops. It was lovely and warm despite it being quite breezy, for some reason at the moment Freya is not too keen on the wind and preferred to sit in her pram.

I love seaside shops.

We came to the Newquay Arcades and simply had to take little monkey in for a quick go on the 2p machines. It was something myself and my younger brother always enjoyed on our family hols when we were kids.

As soon as we entered Freya was asking to get out of her pram, It’s so wonderful to see her excitement and she had lots of fun helping me and her Dada spend more than we probably planned, mostly in 2p form! We did have a couple of goes on the grabbers as I spied some Peppa teddies but of course they stayed firmly in the machine! I never win on those darn machines!


A lovely lady and gent gifted Freya a butterfly key ring Β they had just won, not only that, they came to find us before they left and gave us a large amount of tickets, the ones you win on games and can then exchange for various gifts and toys, it was so very nice of them, we chose 2 packs of Paw patrol stickers and a Yoyo for the girls and a pack of cards. I was really touched by their kindness.

When we left the arcade we continued to walk up town, had a look around and then made our way back. Approximately half way along the town centre there’s an open, grassy area that overlooks the beach and harbour. Freya was keen to go explore and its a great place to take in the gorgeous views so we got an ice cream, found a bench and enjoyed the views and of course the ice cream, Freya did have her own but also enjoyed a bit of both of ours too including half my flake, cheeky little monkey. It was such a wonderful afternoon.

When we returned to White Acres Dawn informed us that Pat had won the fishing match overall! Absolutely brilliant! So we all headed up to the onsite bar to see him receive his prize and have a drink to celebrate.

After another quick visit to the arcade, this time just outside the bar, we headed back to the caravan to settle in for the evening.


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