Cornwall 2017 {Day 6}

Cornwall 2017 {Day 6}

22nd June 2017, Day 6 of our family holiday. Pat and Ryan was off to their 2nd fishing match and the rest of us didn’t have an awful lot planned, the weather had cooled which I have to admit, although I had enjoyed those glorious sunny days was a relief for me.

We had breakfast and lounged around the caravan until it was nap time for little monkey, which was brought forward as she’d woken earlier that morning, that was probably why I was also feeling rather tired too and probably why I actually ended up having almost a 2 hour nap with her … oops! Well if you can’t do it on holiday when will you, right!

It was lunch time when we woke and after that us three decided to head into Newquay with Dawn, Tamara and Shaniah. Dawn underwent bunion surgery a few weeks prior to the holiday and is still in plaster meaning she’s unable to drive at the moment so the three of them took the bus and we met up in town as there wasn’t enough room in Luke’s car for everyone.

That morning I decided to wear a new pair of jeans I’d purchased the day before, unfortunately though when I reached around to adjust my newly purchased jeans I noticed they still had the security tag attached, as we were heading back to Newquay anyway it wasn’t such a problem just frustrating as I really wanted to wear them! Never mind! First stop was to get the jeans sorted and after a little browse we regrouped and after a quick stop for a nappy change the girls fancied a run around on the grassy area that overlooks the beach and harbour!

Freya and Shaniah had lots of fun chasing each other around, ripping up the grass and watching it blow away with the wind whilst us adults looked on from the benches. After a little time there we decided to scarper quite quickly when Tamara was hit on the back with some stray seagull poop! How rude! A flock of pesky seagulls was circling a group of people not far from us that were eating. Dawn was on hand with a wet wipe and then we made are way back up to town hesitantly looking above at the circling gulls.

Earlier that afternoon whilst waiting for the others we spotted some rather lovely looking desserts in a café window and we was all in agreement that we should go check it out further.

Choukette is a very charming French tea room and had been open just 21 days on the day of our visit, a lovely new addition to Newquay town offering stunning traditional and homemade pastries and confectionary.

We simply could not resist temptation and as Choukette has a lovely seating area on the upper level we decided to eat in with a hot drink. I went for a gorgeous Strawberry and basil meringue and cream which was absolutely delicious. Dawn had a chocolate eclair, Tamara chose a triple chocolate mousse desert and Luke went for the same. Choukette has a really relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the staff were lovely and it was very child friendly even having a little play area equipped with a colouring table with colouring books and puzzles, a cute little play kitchen with play food and chalk board all of which kept Freya and Shaniah happily occupied, they loved it! If you are ever in Newquay I’d highly recommend checking out Choukette.

After we finished our desserts and drinks myself, Luke and our little monkey made our way back to White Acres.

Not long after we got back Pat and Ryan returned from fishing not having as good a result as the day before. That evening we had tea and it was a early night for the little ones, both tired out from all that running around and we had a welcomed chilled evening.


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