Cornwall 2017 {Day 7}

Cornwall 2017 {Day 7}

Friday 23rd June 2017. Our holiday  certainly did fly by and that morning, whilst the fishermen, Pat and Ryan, went off to their third fishing match we started to pack and get things ready for the journey home later on that evening.

Even though we definitely took less than usual (no matter how hard I try I can never pack lightly) we still only wore half of the bundle, if that! Maybe that was down to the glorious sunshine we were lucky to have for most of the week meaning we wore less? Anyway it didn’t take too long to re pack and after a nap for little monkey and lunch not long after, Luke, me, little monkey, Dawn, Tamara and Shaniah were ready to go out and enjoy the rest of the day.

It was cloudy and cooler than the previous days which suited are plans to take the little ladies to White Acres onsite Activity room, we headed there first! The activity room is a generous size with a well equipped soft play area with ball pits and slide, 2 of Freya’s favourite things!

For most of our time there we had the place to ourselves and had so much fun running, climbing and sliding are way around the softplay.

An impromptu ball fight broke out in the ball pit… after bombarding Luke with numerous multicoloured little balls we retreated and left him and Dawn to it! I think Luke won but I’m sure Dawn will have her revenge! Haha!

After all that fun it was time to go get a drink which I for one was definitely ready for (sweaty mess!) so we went to the shop which is situated just around the corner and then headed to the arcades!

Freya ran straight for the racing car simulator thingy’s (don’t know the proper  name for them) which it seems is her preferred choice as is took a while and some persuasion to get her back off of it! In fact both girls happily sat pretending to race whilst Luke had a go on the one beside them.  After spending some 2ps and a visit from Lizzie the Lizard (one of the onsite children’s entertainers) we made are way back to the caravan, stopping in one of the playgrounds on the way.

During our time at the park Shaniah found some treasure in the form of a bouncy rubber egg which later that evening both little ones were pretending to lay as chickens, that made us all giggle!

Before stopping at the park we had to get a picture on the giant deck chair! The toddlers wasn’t so into having there photo taken but actually I really love the natural feel to the photos.

After some fresh air at the park we returned to base camp. Pat and Ryan got back later than expected that evening and with the little ones ( and the rest of us there) getting hungry me and Luke went to get a chippy tea, the fisherman were sent to get their own after they returned and when we’d all eaten and the cars were packed we said our goodbyes and were on our way home.

The journey back wasn’t as straight forward as planned, Freya didn’t settle and was not a happy bunny for the majority of the time, she eventually fell asleep but not long after a stop was required for a nappy change after a little leakage! Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as we first thought! We got home around 11pm and went straight to bed, all very tired from a busy day and the journey home.

We had such a lovely holiday, Cornwall is one of our most favourite places to be, the weather was on our side, we visited some new wonderful places and had great company. We’re very lucky to be going back for another stay at White Acres in 5 weeks time and have got a few ideas of things we’d like to do whilst back in Cornwall,  I already can’t wait!

I’ve really enjoyed writing up about our Cornish break away, looking back at all the photos and it’s nice to think that we’ll be able to look back on it in years to come. Have you any holidays coming up? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear about it. If you’ve got this far, thank you and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our time in beautiful Cornwall.

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