July Goals

July Goals

Lately my anxiety seems to have resurfaced and quite honestly has got me feeling a bit down in the dumps! So I’ve decided to set myself some goals for July, things that I have avoided due to this little slump I’m in, things that ultimately will help get me back on track, things that help ease the stress and worry that comes with the anxiety and that I know I’ll feel very positive about achieving!

So here goes..

1.  I want to take little monkey to a one of the groups/get together which is held weekly locally where I can hopefully meet new mummy friends. This is something I continue to put off simply because meeting new people or any sort of social situation seems so daunting and brings on a wave of anxiety but… I know little one will absolutely love it! Also it’ll be so good to get together with some of my mummy pals and make new ones! I’ll be fine once I’m there and know I won’t regret it!

2. Finish a book! I love to read but lately i just haven’t made any time or effort to do it, i find it relaxing and enjoyable so in my down time I’m going to get stuck into a good book.

3. Date night. Something me and Luke rarely do and probably should do more often. He’s my absolute rock and sticks by me through everything, no matter how irritable I get and I think an evening out together is well overdue.

4. Drink more water! It may sound silly but I’m terrible with this! Some days (possibly most days) I’m just not drinking enough and I know that being more aware and taking steps to up fluid intake can have such a positive effect on your energy levels and just make you feel so much better overall! I really love the look of the HydrateM8 active 900ml bottles (image of one of the designs below) that are designed to encourage drinking more, they do a variety of motivational bottles in different designs including one for kids! Here’s the link to their website If you’re interested  https://hydratem8.co.uk if I do get one I may do a mini review.

HydrateM8 active 900ml bottle 


Image from https://hydratem8.co.uk

5. Exercise. I don’t think I necessarily need to lose much weight however I’m very self conscious about a few pounds I could do without and some wobbly bits that could do with some toning up so I want to implement an exercise routine! I figure that if it’s making me feel self conscious and I can do something about that then I should just get and do it! Not only will it make me feel better and be good for my health, exercising can also help to ease anxiety and improve mood so  even more reason to whip out those excersise DVDs and give it a go.


So they are my July goals! I’ll be sure to do  a progress/update post at the end of the month to let you know how I get on. Once again a big thank you to all who take the time to read my blog. Has anyone else got any goals they’d like to achieve this month or in the future? I’d love to hear about it if you have so drop me a comment. Lots of love to you all.


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