5 Funny Little Things Tag.

5 Funny Little Things Tag.

Hello and thank you for popping by! I have been tagged by the lovely Tamara from The Epileptic Blogger to take part in the 5 funny little things tag!

Becoming  a parent, completely life altering, one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences, which brings tears, laughter and teaches you a love like no other. The 5 little funny things tag celebrates the smiles and laughter our little ones bring and I’m sharing 5 little funny things about little monkey, so here goes…

Freya never fails to make me smile no matter what she’s such a little character and there are many funny things that she does, some that make us giggle and others that make us full on belly laugh! But here are my current top 5!

1. The first involves shoes! Freya is very fond of shoes and has been since her very first visit to Clarks when her very first pair of pretty pink shoes were purchased. I can’t help but giggle when she steps into mine or Luke’s shoes and waddles around the house looking very happy with herself, big smile on her face. Lately If we’re heading out for a supermarket shop she’ll excitedly say “Tesco” I’ll ask her what we’re buying and her answer is always “shoeeees” it’s so funny and super cute.

2. Little one absolutely loves to get involved and help out with household jobs (I’m sure that will change as she gets older) and will always be on hand saying “I come to” ready to lend a little hand! Recently she insisted on helping her Dada put together some furniture together with her very own screwdriver! One of her other favourite things to help with is the washing! And there’s always plenty to do! If I’m in the kitchen she’ll now stand by the washing machine and say “get washing out” it may take a little longer but it does make me giggle.

3. Another thing little monkey loves .. hats! It’s all about the accessories and she has been known to walk around the house in her bobble hat no matter the weather refusing to take it off! Other headwear choices has included nappies, a McDonald’s happy meal box and buckets!

4. Little monkey loves story time and we do have a few favourites including Peace at last and We’re going on a bear hunt! She’ll get comfy with her milk before bedtime and has now started to join in, reading along, repeating words and copying funny noises, its adorable and makes us all giggle.

5. Her mischievous little ways are always making us laugh, she can be very cuddly and loves to snuggle and then she’ll honk our noses (with sound effect)  tickle and maybe even lick our face haha! You can’t help but smile at her cheeky little laugh whilst she’s tickling your feet and giggle (whilst trying to be serious)  at her cheeky smile when she’s doing something she really knows she shouldn’t! She is so very loving and forever making us laugh and they are such wonderful moments, priceless! There’s so much more I can add to this list but for now I’ll leave it there.


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