Bridea- The Bride To Be Box

Bridea- The Bride To Be Box

The Bridea ideas for brides box, described  as “a wedding show in a box”requires no subscription and has been designed for brides to be able to sit back in the comfort of their own home and be inspired and excited by a thoughtfully selected bundle of treats, samples and info within as well as introducing businesses and ideas that can help plan the ultimate wedding day brought together in one package.

I discovered Bridea through one of their advertisements on Facebook. It immediately caught my attention as I scrolled through my news feed as Luke and I will be getting married in June of next year. We are full steam ahead with the planning and with so much to bring together for the big day a box full of treats, samples and ideas was of course very appealing.

The layout of the Bridea website is well designed, simple, clear and the whole ordering process was very straight forward and I received an order confirmation not long after claiming my box. When I ordered, Bridea had an offer of 20% discount running so with that applied and postage and packaging added I paid a total of £23.94. The box arrived within the estimated delivery and I was super excited to see what was inside. Little monkey was also keen to dig in!

Now I do have a little confession… when I seen the advertisement on Facebook I headed on over to the Bridea website missing the content list which was included on the advertisement, I seen the image of, what I now know to be, the luxury box which heads the homepage and did assume this was the box I would be receiving so I was slightly underwhelmed when opening the box initially however that was completely my mistake I wonder though if it would be possible to make it a bit clearer that the box pictured on the front page of the site is in fact the luxury box, but really I just got over excited, eager to order and possibly should have looked into it a bit further. It’s important to say that I would still have ordered the box I did receive.

Within the outer packaging I found the for keeps keepsake box which housed the bundle of samples and literature along with a contents card describing some of what was included within the package. Alongside the box the A Bride To Be Bag which inside held The Ultimate Wedding Planner, a Love Our Wedding Magazine and a couple of leaflets for wedding suppliers.

Unfortunately my keepsake box didn’t get to me in the best condition with scrapes and dents in a few places which I’m assuming was sustained during delivery, these things happen but because of this I’m not likely to use it as a keepsake box which is a shame because I love the cute design.

So…lets go into the full contents of the box, if you are thinking of purchasing and would rather wait to see the contents on arrival scroll past the next little bit that’s in bold.

-A Bride To Be Bag by Bridea.

– The Ultimate Wedding Planner by Bridea.

Samples within the Keepsake box:

1. A Wedding Keepsake Box by Bridea.

2. A pair of wedding sunglasses by Bridea.

3. A wedding advice card by Bridea.

4. A wooden heart place tag by Bridea.

5. A Wedding Tea Towel by Wedding Tea Towels

6. A natural confetti pop by Shropshire Petals

7. A bride hairtie by Team Hen

8. Wedding favour sweets by Say it with a Sweetie

9. “I DO” Stickers by

10. English breakfast tea favour by Wedding in a Teabag

11. Small cup (can be personalised) by Wedding Cup Company

12. Save the date beermat by

13. Wedding fan (can be personalised) by


After digging in to the box of goodies overall I was very pleased with the selection, In total there was 15 items, 16 including the magazine and a few of those  I can actually use on the big day! The Ultimate Wedding Day Planner is fantastic, I love stationary and notebooks so I was very happy to receive the 50 page planner. There is most definitely business contacts included that I shall be looking into further during the planning and I’ve picked up a few ideas regarding decoration and wedding party gifts which will come in handy. The only thing I could suggest is if possible include a bigger variety of literature along with the samples but all in all I was very pleased and I cannot wait to start filling out the planner!

I do believe that the boxes are currently available to request, if you are interested to look into it further here is the link…. Bridea I love what you do and was very happy with my bundle of goodies, the whole concept is brilliant and lots of fun and it did get me excited and ignited ideas that I’d love to use on our big day so thank you for that, thumbs up from me!

I’m not entirely sure if the luxury box is yet available but it looks fab and is something I would be very interested in purchasing so therefore will be looking into.


This is not a paid post and was in no way sponsored by Bridea, I purchased the bride to be box and all images and opinions my own.




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