Living Arrows {07/08/2017}

Living Arrows {07/08/2017}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran.

Recently my anxiety has become more of a struggle once more and the last couple of weeks have been rather busy but we’re back and linking up with Donna from What the Redhead saidΒ for this weeks living arrows.

We are back in beautiful Cornwall for our 2nd visit this year and that’s where this weeks photo was taken. Little monkey was super excited on the run up to our holiday, we was counting down the sleeps until departure and on more than one occasion a few days before we set off she’d excitedly chant “Holiday” when we took a trip in the car and kept reminding us of the importance of taking her bucket and spade. So cute. No matter what little lady and her Dada always manage to make me smile.

We set off on Saturday 5th August and all three of us couldn’t wait to start our holiday and having some quality family time together is exactly what I need. We love Cornwall and It’s lovely to be staying with my future mother, father and brother in law at White Acres Holiday Park.

Yesterday was our first full day of this holiday and whilst 2 of the men went fishing the rest of us took a trip into Truro. After some shopping and a lunch stop we had a look around the stunning Cathedral. Back onsite we paid a visit to one of the many onsite parks. Little lady insisted her Uncle Ryan came along too and she had lots of fun on the swings, her favourite. A wonderful day.

Having fun with Uncle Ryan and Dada

With Nana

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Living Arrows

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