10 Facts About Me Tag.

10 Facts About Me Tag.

A very big thank you to Tamara from The Epileptic Blogger for tagging me. This is such a fun tag although I am so behind in getting it written up! better late than never right…  So lets get straight into it.

1. I was diagnosed with G.A.D (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) in my late teens after years not really understanding what was wrong. I still go through bad patches of anxiety however have learnt techniques over the years to better control it and have recently allowed myself to be more open about my experiences with anxiety and have become passionate about raising mental health awareness.

2. I am engaged to be married in less than a year! My other half and I have been together for just over 10 years and engaged for 4. He is my rock.

3. I became a mother to our gorgeous little girl when I was 26. It took me a while to figure out my career path but one thing I knew from a young age is that I wanted to be a mum! She granted my wish and becoming a parent is by far the most amazing, rewarding, challenging and the best thing I’ve ever done.

4. I am a qualified massage and beauty therapist.

5. One of my guilty pleasures is trashy reality TV.

6. I once played the role of Mary in a school nativity but that’s about as far as my acting career went 😉

7. I am a qualified beauty and massage therapist.

8. I have a slight tea obsession and probably drink way too much! English breakfast tea is my favourite.

9. My favourite Disney film is a close call between The little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

10. One day, when I get my bum in gear,  I would love to complete a marathon.

So there we have it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me and I would love to tag ( if you haven’t already done it) : –

Cheryl from Mummy of Five Miracles

Joanna Marcini

Gee Gardner


Thanks for reading.



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