Celebration, a sunny bank holiday and wedding plans!

Celebration, a sunny bank holiday and wedding plans!

Wow …. these weeks really are flying by! We’re now in September and here I am considering starting our Christmas shopping when it really doesn’t seem that long since last Christmas!

Bank holiday weekend was no different and before we knew it Tuesday came around Luke was back to work and the daily routine resumed. Even though we didn’t have a lot planned over the bank holiday we did get out and about and had a lovely time in the glorious sunshine we had in the Cotswolds.

One thing we did have on the agenda was the wedding reception for one of our beautiful friends on Saturday evening. Before that though we headed out to lunch and to do some shopping. We had a look around a newly opened Entertainer toy shop getting some inspiration for possible Christmas presents for little monkey, although she was much more interested in the kids fun bus ride, you know the ones you sometimes get outside supermarkets and in shopping centres that you put a pound in… except Freya doesn’t actually like it when they move so just tends to sit in them! After persuading her to jump back out of the bus we had a nice casual browse around a few shops and then went to my parents where little lady would be having a sleep over which she was very excited for.

Luke and I rarely go on nights out, proper out out, and i’ve had a welcome run of good days with my anxiety and therefore really looking forward to it….but couldn’t help feel that cloud of mum guilt roll in! Of course I know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a night out but I just can’t help it!

We did have such a fantastic night though, great company, lots of laughs, dancing, wine and I’m so pleased for the happy couple.

Got to love a drunken snapchat selfie!

Little lady was a very good girl for her Nana and Bampy and Sunday overall was a very chilled out day which Luke and I very much needed, I’m a total lightweight and Luke’s out of practice haha!

Bank holiday Monday we decided to take a trip toย Whitehall Garden Centre where a family pet and wildlife event was being held, as all three of us love animals and the weather looked promising it seemed the perfect way to spend some quality family time together.

As a child I used to love it when Mum and Dad took me and my brother along to Whitehall and still I love to visit now. It is very child friendly with great facilities and lots to do. Whitehall also hold events throughout the year which you can keep up to date with on their website which is linked above. We arrived late morning and little one instantly headed for the swings! They have a great park full of ride on Tractors, a sandpit, climbing frames and a variety of play equipment but swings is still little lady’s favourite! It was quite busy but it’s a nice wide open space and was a lovely sunny day!

We all had a go at the colouring wall and enjoyed getting up close to the pets and Wildlife which included giant rabbits, ducks, a hedgehog, a tarantula and even a unicorn ………..ok ok so it was a pony with coloured hair but still he was a beauty and called fudge!



After a slight tantrum from little monkey when she couldn’t get back on the swings Luke got to hold a parrot! Apologies the photo isn’t great quality as I was juggling little one in the other arm.

We had a delicious lunch and enjoyed looking around the lovely garden centre, especially the pet and aquatic centre which is always a must when we visit.

On our way home we made a call to Luke’s parents to see what they was up to and it turned out they had similar plans and had just arrived at a very lovelyย Wyevale Garden Centreย  a little closer to home. We met up for some tea, cake and a chat, little one found some more ducks to feed (my cake) and we finished off bank holiday Monday with a Pizza Hut later that evening.

It was a lovely bank holiday but just seemed to go by so quickly! Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been quite busy with wedding planning, lots of emails, phone calls and appointments but it is coming together and the wedding reception we attended has got me even more excited for our day!

When we began to properly plan the wedding and booked our venue i initially felt quite overwhelmed with the amount of things to get sorted, we’re not the most organised couple and I couldn’t quite see how we was going to manage to get it all to come together and had no idea what we really wanted, however, now after a fair few evenings looking through bridal mags, Pinterest, wedding fayres and many conversations about cake, colours and decorations we do have a vision of what we want the day to be and it is coming together (fingers crossed). I’m much more relaxed, for now, about the remaining months of planning ahead. Next on the list is a cake consultation and dress shopping which I’m super excited for, wish us luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you for stopping by My little Brushneen Blog.

*This post is not sponsored, all photos and opinions are my own*

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