Mum Hacks – A Review by My Little Brushneen Blog

Mum Hacks – A Review by My Little Brushneen Blog

One thing that i love,and have done since I was able to, is to read. That feeling of achievement and satisfaction when you finish your latest book, whether it’s Getting immersed in a captivating romance, fantasy or crime novel, learning something new with a factual read or particularly ,at the moment, picking up tips from the latest bridal mag, I find reading one of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies and yet since becoming a mum just never seem to have the time to do. Luke and I generally, all being well get a few hours in the evening after little one has gone to bed to ourselves, within this time I find I want to do a hundred different things (slight exaggeration) and so reading has been put on the back burner a little.

I’ve wanted to make more of an effort to change this and so when I seen that the lovely people from Crimson publishing was looking for reviewers I jumped at the chance! I received a list of books in which I could choose one to review. Mum Hacks – Time saving tips to help calm the chaos of family life appealed to me straight away.

Welcoming our beautiful baby girl into the world and becoming a parent is definitely the most wonderful, amazing and precious experience, the best,  and of course Luke and I our so proud to be her mummy and daddy and love our little monkey more than I could convey in words. Becoming a parent is also completely life altering, challenging and yes, time consuming! Of course I knew that things would change however I don’t think I was as fully prepared as I thought and sometimes keeping on top of everything, all the multi-tasking, to do’s, work, keeping the little ones entertained and looking after yourself etc. even now 2 years on can sometimes seem overwhelming. So what do you do when you feel like ‘the busy’ is getting in the way of being the parent you always wanted to be?

The Review 

Mum Hacks – Time saving tips to calm the chaos of family life. By Tanith Carey

” When you first held your new-born baby in your arms, did you make a promise to be the best possible parent you could be? in the years that stretched before you, did you imagine always saying the right thing, listening when your child chattered, and always having the time to sit down and play? Then, somewhere along the way, did being ‘busy’ get in the way of the parent you hoped to be? Gradually, did child-raising start to feel like an unwinnable race against a stop-watch: always in a panic, always late, with everything never quite under your control?”

– Tanith Carey

Can you relate to this? I know I can and we’re not alone as the introduction goes on to reveal surprising statistics to show that many parents feel the same and describes the impact this can have on the whole family. Within the first few pages you’re also introduced to the author Tanith Carey, she herself is a busy mum of 2 which instantly makes me warm to the book and feel I truly can relate, especially as the hints, tips and hacks have been tried and tested by a fellow parent in a real life situation and this book has been lovingly put together with the help of many mums, educators, nutritionists, foodies, life coaches and beauty and exercise experts who shared experiences with Tanith.

The book is divided into 7 categories which are as follows:

Kitchen Craziness: save yourself time and stress.

Playtime planning: toys, crafts and TV.

Morning mayhem: streamline getting up and out.

Behaving better: easier ways to encourage good behaviour.

Happy holidaying: travelling, birthdays and Christmas.

Housework hacks: shortcuts to speed up the chores.

Looking after you: tips to look good, feel good and de-stress.

Now I was genuinely intrigued to delve into all the categories listed above but in particular Playtime Planning, Housework hacks and Looking after you and this is a book which you could jump straight to the specific subject you are particularly interested in. The style of writing makes this book very enjoyable to read and can be enjoyed both as your evening read or to pick up in those 5 spare minutes you may get whilst the kids are occupied during the day.

All the categories are packed full of handy hacks, advice and time saving tips to help ease the stresses of the daily routine and the more chaotic days. I loved that it also includes examples of quick and easy recipes as well as essential equipment and key items along with the hacks and that it really is practical tips that you can see yourself using day to day.

I don’t want to give to much of the book away but I have included below a few of my fave Mum hacks:

“Slot a cupcake case onto the lolly stick to catch the drips” – so simple yet will save so much mess and time cleaning up the drips!

“Keep a drawer as a holding pen for one-off puzzles pieces and bits of Lego until you have time to there proper homes” I spend ages searching through little ones toy boxes searching for those lost bits and pieces that I’ve just thrown in when I haven’t had much time. At least this way they would all be in one place and therefore easier to return!

“Buy a washer-and-dryer-safe mesh bag for each child’s room – one for lights and one for darks. Throw the bags directly into the washing machine and dryer – and the clothes will come out ready-sorted. If your children are old enough, give them back their laundry bag and let them put their garments away themselves” – Think of all the time saved sorting the washing!

Included within the behaving better section is an example started list of family rules which I thought was brilliant, one of rules is ” we are kind, We treat others as we would like to be treated.”

When packing – ” Don’t fold, roll. Rolling clothes up is quicker and more space-efficient than folding”

“When the weather turns colder, put out a separate basket for each member of the family to deposit gloves, scarves, and hats so they don’t get mixed up.” I love this idea but would probably just stick with one box to save space in our little home.

And for those parents that have school runs there’s even a school run essentials list including things like ” The useful school run coat”. We’re not quite there yet but I will definitely be implementing some of these tips when the time comes.

These are just a few that I’ve picked out, there are so many more useful and clever suggestions and despite the title this book can cater for not just mums but of course the Daddy’s, grandparents and anyone in the position of carer/guardian. It can be helpful for expectant parents, parents of babies and toddlers and even those of older children. Not only will you pick up at least a few handy hacks its also a well written enjoyable read and one which I think most, if not all parents can truly relate to.

If you are interested in finding out more about the book and how you can get your hands on it follow this link Crimson Publishing


I was kindly sent Mum Hacks – Time saving tips to calm the chaos of family life by  Tanith Carey by Crimson Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All photos and opinions are my own.



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