Fun at The Build a Bear Workshop – Mini Review

Fun at The Build a Bear Workshop – Mini Review

On a recent trip to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway we wandered into The Build a Bear Workshop located on the lower floor of the Mall. Now we do absolutely love the Build a Bear Workshop and the store within the Mall is brilliant but we wasn’t planning a visit on this particular trip, however little monkey had other ideas.

The three of us was casually sitting on one of the benches just a few feet away from the store waiting to meet up with Luke’s parents. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that little monkey is much happier up and walking around rather than in her pram, more and more now she’s older which I suppose you’d expect and this occasion was no different (we do still take the pram even if it is just to store coats and bags and for when little legs do get tired!). So there we was, little one climbing all over us, excited to be seeing her Nana and Bampy when she turned and Spotted the colourful, teddy filled display and instantly wanted to make her way over to the store, how could I resist! I took her over to have a look whilst Luke waited for Dawn and Pat.

Freya was super excited to be surrounded by a vast variety of beautiful, colourful soft toys, accessories and favourite characters. She excitedly made her way through the store with me trying to keep up replacing what she’d picked up – we came across a selection of Troll goodies. If you follow me on Instagram you may know already that little one is so into Trolls at the moment – it’s her absolute fave! So you can imagine her excitement when she spotted the characters, in particular Princess Poppy.

It was at this time we was joined by Luke, Dawn and Pat in the busy store which happened to be holding a party at the time (it looked like lots of fun and may be something I’ll look into more) despite this the lovely staff were happy to help and ensured we was looked after. Freya showed off Princess Poppy excitedly and her Nanny Dawn and ย Grampy Pat very kindly offered to get it for her which was so lovely, lucky girl.

We have purchased a couple of other soft toys from Build a Bear, Luke and I got a gorgeous giraffe for when Freya was born, She’s ย received two beautiful teddies from family which were gorgeous Christening presents and we brought her a fun Paw Patrol Everest last Christmas. I love the quality of the soft toys and they make such fantastic gifts for birthdays, Christmas and special occasions or ,of course, just a lovely treat. There’s such a variety of soft toys which include many recognisable characters and accessories to choose from.

This was Freya’s first time enjoying the whole Build a Bear experience and the lovely ladies there were so kind and so good with her. After choosing a song for Poppy to sing (how fantastic!) we went over to fill the teddy with all that soft, floaty, fluffy goodness! The staff member helping us checked Poppy over and suggested we pick another as the thread on the seam was coming away, I really appreciated this and after grabbing another Freya loved getting involved as we both pressed the pedal to create her new Poppy. When all the plumping was complete Freya chose a heart to place inside and was thrilled to have her new toy in her arms. Of course we simply had to grab Princess Poppy’s dress which is available in the accessories section, which are sold separately – amongst a huge variety of little clothes, shoes, hats and other goodies for all the bears and characters.

When the purchase was made we created an adorable teddy birth certificate for no extra charge which can be personalised – a lovely touch as a gift and to treasure as a keepsake.

Freya absolutely loved her first Build a Bear experience and for days after has been telling us all about how the nice lady helped her put the little heart inside and that we stepped on the pedal to make Poppy,ย  honestly we all enjoyed it and with Christmas coming up I’m sure we’ll be heading back in the upcoming months to add another to her collection.



*This post is in no way sponsored by the Build a Bear Workshop, all photos and opinions are honest and my own.*



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