New Family Halloween Traditions and Mini Decoration Haul

New Family Halloween Traditions and Mini Decoration Haul

This year we are really embracing Halloween – admittedly it’s never really been something that I’ve been that bothered about, I did trick or treating as a child but gradually lost interest as I grew up however since becoming a mum it definitely has become a lot more fun. I’m actually getting quite excited about making a little more of an effort for Halloween 2017 and making some new family traditions.

We are on the hunt for the perfect pumpkin for the carving and will be hoping to be a little more adventurous with the design, don’t get too excited though – it’s a lot harder than it looks isn’t it? Luke has done some carving before when he was younger but last year was my first. Despite the mess I really enjoyed it and Freya was fascinated so I think we’ll make it a Halloween family tradition.

Each year since Freya was born we have taken her to a brilliant kids Halloween party held at our local leisure centre. It’s such a fun afternoon for the little ones and now Little lady is a bit older I know she’ll really enjoy it this year. The first time we took her along she was a teeny tiny little baba and dressed in the cutest pumpkin all in one. I remember there being quite a few little pumpkins rolling around on the play mats that year. Last year little monkey made her appearance in a fiery devils dress and spent most of the afternoon chasing the balloons around the room. This year I feel she’ok definitely have more of an opinion on her costume. Currently we are all set for her to become a troll, princess Poppy of course! not exactly scary but I figured at least she’s more likely to keep her outfit on.

Our little pumpkin

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Little Devil!

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Mini Halloween Haul

We recently went on a shopping trip to Asda and I was drawn to the vast amount of Halloween goodies that they have on offer in store at the moment. Isles of sweets, treats, costumes and decorations at very reasonable prices and I couldn’t resist grabbing a few decorations for our home, I know little one will love it.

If you are interested I’ll leave links to the online ranges of decorations although I think it’s a little different to what is available in store however  I thought I’d share with you what we got anyways! If you do like the look of them I’d recommend heading to your local Asda soonish as I know they disappear quite quickly as Halloween draws nearer . I’m likely to go back and grab a few more.

Happy Halloween banner/bunting – £1

I love the cute characters on this design, it’s perfect for little ones as even though its obviously Halloween themed its not too scary. Super cute! Look at the owl!

Little Horrors Pumpkin Paper Lantern – £1

Another cute design to celebrate the fun side of Halloween.

Little Horrors Window Decorations – £1 


Why not decorate the windows too!

Little Horrors Garland – £2 

I think this has to be my favourite of what we picked out! Cute little witches hats! I do have a thing about bunting.

Little Horrors Mixed Garland – £2 

More fun Garlands for the Halloween celebrations, great for parties.

Spooky cup with Straw – £1

Little one was very keen on this spooky cup and straw!

Asda Halloween Decorations

I have also picked up a few bits from Tesco so thought I may as well include them, they also have a great selection of Halloween goodies available and it’s well worth checking for all your Halloween needs.

Halloween web treat bowl – £1 & Creepy Confetti – £1

We currently seem to be using the treat bowl for bits and bobs but it will house the treats when Halloween comes! Freya was very keen to have this! The confetti I brought to use for photo flat lays.

Witches broom – £1 

How cute is this! and only £1 ( I will note if you do get hold of one of these do not cut the paper ties! I thought they was just packaging but actually its holding the broom head on! this particular one is now being held together by a hair band haha!)- its hard to tell in this photo but its actually the perfect size for Freya,  I actually brought it more as a photo prop though.

Pumpkin Treat Bucket – 50p


A must for all little tricker treaters.

Tesco Halloween Decorations 

So there we have it, I will probably pick up some more bits here and there, I’ve never really decorated for Halloween before but as I said above I know the little one is going to love it and actually I’m a little bit excited as well.

I’m hoping to start a few more fun Halloween inspired family activities/traditions – maybe some creepy crafts, trick or treating around family and close friends, I’ve noticed some cool looking events taking place around Halloween so maybe something like that and some spooky biscuit baking ( with my baking skills they will be scary!)

Anyone stick to certain Halloween traditions? leave me a comment I’d love to hear what you get up to!

Have a wonderful and happy Halloween all!


( We popped into Morrisons and they also had a great range of Halloween decorations, sweets and treats so I thought I’d include the link.) 

Morrisons Halloween Decorations 




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All photos and opinions are honest and my own.





2 thoughts on “New Family Halloween Traditions and Mini Decoration Haul

  1. They are fab finds! Now we are in the house we have been celebrating more. We have added cobwebs everywhere and xmas tinsel, plus made a window display. I am hoping to go in a couple of weeks pumpkin picking too. We are having our first xmas at home and not traveling so hoping to go all out at xmas. Is making lovely memories for little ones. Can’t wait to see your pumpkins xxx

    Stacey |

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