Cornwall {October 2017 Day 1 & 2} Arrival, Fun at the Beach and Dancing

Cornwall {October 2017 Day 1 & 2} Arrival, Fun at the Beach and Dancing

We’re on Holiday!!! Well at the time this post was started we were – however I’m actually scheduling this for when we get back! Myself and Luke planned on having a much needed relaxed week away just enjoying the company and our time together. We had no specific plans however I’m still going to document our time here in a few blog posts. I really enjoy capturing these special times, I haven’t taken as many photos as I usually would – I wanted to take a little break from being behind the camera and enjoy the moments – but of course I had to take a few! it’s fantastic to look back on in months and years to come, sort of a online scrapbook which I suppose is a little of what my blog is all about.

If you do follow me you’ll already know that we absolutely love Cornwall! We aim to visit at least once a year staying at White Acres Holiday Park. Lately I’ve been struggling a little more with my anxiety and was most definitely excited for a week away to hopefully relax, have fun and just enjoy time with family.

The Friday before our departure was rather stressful, admittedly I’m not the most organised when it comes to holiday prep but it was made a whole lot worse after little lady bumped her head. Unfortunately she caught the coffee table as she fell and a trip to minor injuries was needed to check her over, she was absolutely fine and so so brave – I on the other hand was overwhelmed with mummy guilt and burst into tears in front of the nurse, she was lovely though and very reassuring. After some magic glue Little one was up and bouncing around like usual, full of beans and I’m just so very thankful she’s ok.

Saturday 14th of October 2017 we made our way to the north side of beautiful Cornwall to begin our holiday. The journey was smooth and we made good time arriving early afternoon. When we arrived at White Acres we met up with Luke’s Parents, his brother Ryan, Tamara, Ryan’s lovely girlfriend (and my favourite blogger) πŸ˜‰ and of course the very beautiful Shaniah, Tamara’s daughter. It’s so nice to be spending time with them all. White Acres is a favourite of ours. It has the lakes for the fishermen, set in rolling countryside and it’s nicely located just minutes from Newquay town.


The lake views and surroundings are absolutely gorgeous at White Acres. The above photo was actually taken on our visit in August of this year but it’s just as beautiful in October.

Freya was so very excited and for days prior had been asking about our holiday, the beach, bus rides Β and seeing her friend. It is the cutest thing seeing the bond between them. After the football we had a lovely chilled out afternoon/evening critiquing Xfactor and scoffing a Chinese tea together, not long after that a very tired little monkey was fast asleep and we all spent the evening catching up nice and cosy in the lodge.

Sunday 15th October 2017. Our first full day in beautiful Cornwall was really very lovely, and just what I was looking forward to. So far October has been quite warm and with sunny spells forecast we all decided to take a trip to Newquay and let the little ones have some time on the beach. Freya has been so excited to get on the sand and so with welly boots and rain suit (just in case) equipped we made the short trip to Newquay town. Actually little ones rainsuit, which is from Frugi, is fab for the beach at this time of year – keeping little one warm, dry and clean!

I love the Cornish views, I find it such a calming atmosphere and it’s most definitely one of our favourite places to holiday. Cornwall has stunning beaches and little one absolutely loves taking along her bucket and spade, digging in the sand, splashing around and exploring. Luke’s admittedly not a lover of the beach and neither of us how sand seems to end up everywhere and it sometimes makes me a little bit nervous when she’s picking things up off the beach (especially when it resembles something that may have popped out of a seagulls bottom – hand sanitiser was my favourite product that day!) but we both agree it’s so wonderful to see Freya having such a laugh and so much fun and actually at this time of the year with us all being more covered up we only really had to clean off little hands! Both girls had lots of fun playing on the sand down at the harbour side and that really is what it’s all about.

That evening both Freya and Shaniah had a blast playing and dancing around up at the kids show with none other than Sid the seagull and Lizzie the lizard making an appearance (the holiday parks mascots) They loved it and both came away with prizes. Freya was very keen to get up and get dancing and did not hold back at all! Both girls showed off some impressive wriggles and dived straight into all the toys/activities. one of Freya’s prizes was for her effort at musical bumps – it took her a while to grasp what she had to do, telling us NO! When we told her to sit down haha! but when she did pick it up she was rather good and it was super cute when one of the hosts chose her as the winner and gave her a prize, Freya informed the lady that she just wanted to dance which made us all chuckle.

Luke and I was blown away by how confident Freya was up there, she made us laugh so much and oh my I am so very proud of the young lady our baby girl is growing into. She didn’t want to leave the dance floor! I think we have a little party animal on our hands.

Thank you so much for reading.



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