Cornwall {October 2017 Day 3 & 4} Shopping, Duplo and Pumpkins

Cornwall {October 2017 Day 3 & 4} Shopping, Duplo and Pumpkins

Monday the 16th October and day 3 on our Cornish holiday staying just outside of Newquay at White Acres Holiday Park (Parkdean) located on the north side of beautiful Cornwall.

The weather is still quite warm for October although the presence of ex hurricane Ophelia, also referred to as storm Ophelia brought heavy gusts of winds throughout the day, The eye of the storm hit Ireland hard bringing destruction and tradegy and made itself known throughout Britain and left vast amounts of damage and heartache in Ireland and throughout the UK. The sheer strength and power of nature can be so scary at times.

 It also seemed the sun and sky took on an unusually orangey red tint, it was even documented on the news and social media with many asking why on earth has this happened? In fact it’s said to have been a combination of wildfire ash and another effect of storm Ophelias winds dragging up and spreading vast amounts of Saharan dust! We didn’t notice much of a difference in colour in Cornwall however the strength of the winds could definitely be felt.

Today Pat, Luke’s father, went off to his first fishing match whilst the rest of us headed into Cornwalls county town Truro for a shopping trip. Little lady was up bright and early but i find even the early starts feels so much more relaxed on holiday, most of the time. We made the short journey to Cornwalls only city and had a lovely few hours browsing the shops and stopping for lunch in a Thorntons cafe. Freya devoured a ham and cheese toastie as did we and I had a gorgeous mint hot chocolate (anyone else excited for Costa’s festive drinks? – I am so excited for that!)

One thing that’s really helped keep the little ones occupied whilst back at the lodge is little monkey’s Duplo! Both enjoy building and playing with the set we brought along so one of the missions for today’s trip was to expand the Duplo collection –  something Luke and I have been meaning to do for a while. We succeeded after a visit to the Entertainer and will most definitely need to get a bigger storage box to house the new editions. Even us adults love the Duplo – until you hear the box being tipped out after just tidying it all up! 😉

I was also very impressed with the choice of knitwear in Primark and came away with a new fluffy pink jumper which I adore and now I’m so tempted to go back to our local store to pick up another colour. Freya had been a little grumpy on and off  which I think is down to missing her usual mid morning nap, she had a few minutes shut eye in the car but it’s hard to stick to the normal routine whilst away. Overall though she’s having such a great time with everyone. She’s such a sociable little lady.

Pat returned happy with the result of today’s match and when we’d all regrouped we had a lovely meal at the onsite resturant and then took the littlies into the arcade for a while. Freya came away with not one but two little animal characters from the 2p machines, one of which I managed to get down – after spending way more than what it was probably worth as you do and another which one of the staff kindly retrieved after unblocking one of the machines! Little one was very excited and happily played with them whilst singing “rain rain go away” one of her favourite songs at the moment no matter the weather, She’s now tucked up in bed for what I hope will be a good nights sleep.

Day 4

Tuesday 17th October, it’s been a more relaxing day which has been good for me as I woke with a little bit of a poorly tummy. The girls have been having fun playing and it’s wonderful to watch them enjoying this time together. Pat took part in his second fishing match and we chilled out back at the lodge making the most of the down time before getting back to the daily routine, wedding plans and the run up to Christmas.

Despite feeling a little off today it’s been so nice to just relax with the others, do a little work on the blog and just be a bit lazy –  little monkey, Luke and I even had a lovely afternoon nap!

Luke took Freya to one of the parks here on site and let me sleep a little longer. Tamara, Ryan and Shaniah also went along. After that snooze I’m glad to say I started to feel much better.

From Freya’s trip to the park she  brought both me and her nana a daisy back, she’d found one and then insisted on searching around for a couple of minutes to find another, she’s such a cutie and so caring.

This evening after a beautiful chicken Curry cooked by the lovely Tamara we got all Halloweeny and carved some Pumpkins! I say we, but really it was the boys that did all the hard work however we were near by to supervise and instruct. They turned out really well and I think the little ones approved although Freya was not keen on getting her hands dirty ( I don’t blame her)

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It has been a lovely day but I’m looking forward to hopefully getting out and about to explore some more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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