Cornwall {October 2017} Day 6 & 7

Cornwall {October 2017} Day 6 & 7

Thursday 19th October – Day 6 of our autumnal trip to one of our most favourite places, beautiful Cornwall. Todays forecast… a complete washout, but I think we have been rather lucky in that it’s the only really rather wet day and the majority of the week has been quite warm and pleasant meaning we have been able to enjoy getting out and about with the little ones.

We’re taking another trip into Cornwall’s county town Truro for another mooch around the shops and I’m on a tip top  somewhat secret mission, shhh! Equipped with our warmest coats and nana’s brolly we headed off for our second visit to the city.

When we arrived little lady and the rest of us were feeling rather peckish and so after a quick stop in Primark and then popping into Truro’s market it was time for lunch. When visiting Truro we often make our pit stop for refreshments in the Waterstones café. It’s recently been revamped and has now been completely taken over by Waterstones, it has a truly Cornish coastal feel and locally sourced produce, the food was delish! Freya gobbled down a ham and cheese toastie and enjoyed a yummy lovely looking chocolate cookie and chatted away making us all (some of the staff included) giggle. At one point she let out a massive burrrp, sign of a good meal right? it did make us laugh.

The remainder of our time in Truro was very wet! Freya was snuggled in her pram keeping dry under the rain cover but by the time we got back into the car the rest of us was absolutely soaked through and definitely ready to get back to the lodge. My  somewhat secret mission almost complete.

There is something I’ve been planning on asking my lovely friend Tamara and her beautiful daughter Shaniah for a while now, I thought this holiday with us all together would be the perfect opportunity (my somewhat secret mission that I’ve mentioned above). After gathering a couple of little gifts and cards together and calming my nerves (I’m rubbish at this sort of thing) I was ready to ask. You may already know that Luke and I are currently planning our wedding, we are getting married in June 2018 and can’t quite believe how quickly it’s approaching. Tamara is like a sister to me and that night I asked her to be bridesmaid and Shaniah to join Freya as a flower girl and I am so so very pleased that they said yes and both me and Luke are honoured to have them by our side on our special day. Celebrations with a cosy night in and Asti was the perfect end to our last evening in Cornwall.

Friday 20th October – The last day of our holiday and as always I can’t quite believe how quickly it’s flown by! As the saying goes time flies when you’re having fun and we really have had such a week away. Little lady has had so much fun spending time with her bestie and its been such a lovely chilled week with the fam!

We had a relaxed breakfast in the lodge before getting ready for the trip into Newquay. With most of the packing already done the rest of the day was all about enjoying the time together and the beautiful surroundings. We love a browse around Newquay.

Today before heading home the fishermen took part in their final match of the week and the rest of us took a trip into Newquay, Freya loves to go on the bus so whilst Luke and I made our way in the car she travelled with her nana, Tamara and Shaniah on the local bus into town and we met up at the station.

We spent some time on the beach where the girls burnt some energy running around, finding more pretty pebbles, jumping in muddy , or sandy,  puddles and digging in the sand and after a lovely lunch and a quick browse around the shops we made our way back to the lodge to complete packing for the journey home.

Pat and Ryan returned later that evening and after some food we finished packing, loaded the cars and made are way home. That evening Storm Brian hit with heavy rain and winds. The driving conditions were difficult and we was very pleased to arrive home. Freya slept almost the entire journey and we was all definitely ready for our beds. We had another lovely stay in beautiful Cornwall.

Its been great to have this week away but of course it is also always nice to get back home. I’m so excited now for the run up to Christmas. I absolutely love this time of year.

I’ll end this post with a few of the photos took on Newquay beach.


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