Beauty on My Little Brushneen Blog.

Beauty on My Little Brushneen Blog.

Hello lovelies! Did February fly by for you too? Spring is literally just around the corner and that makes me very happy! If you’ve been following my blog and social media, particularly in the last couple of weeks (Firstly thankyou so so much) and secondly you may know that I’ve been planning on introducing more beauty content on My Little Brushneen Blog.

A long while ago now in my mid to late teens (about 10 years ago….10 YEARS!) I considered beginning a beauty blog but honestly just didn’t have the confidence to go through with it. I was still struggling badly with anxiety and was later diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder and this amongst other things held me back greatly.

 I’ve always found writing very therapeutic and helpful during rough patches with my anxiety and since becoming mummy to our little beauty, aka little monkey, I have come across so many fabulous mummy, lifestyle and beauty bloggers and wonderful online communities that have inspired me immensely and gave me the confidence to give blogging ago. So after much consideration My Little Brushneen Blog was born.

I love sharing our family and lifestyle posts, documenting our days out, adventures and experiences and will absolutely still be continuing to do so.

All other aspects of my blog will remain the same, it may just have a tiny  makeover and the added beauty bits and I’m super duper excited to be sharing my love for beauty therapy, products, treatments and all things beauty and wellbeing with you all.

I’ll use my experience as a beauty therapist and my love for beauty to bring you a variety of posts covering most, if not all, aspects of beauty, including my beauty faves, trends and reviews.

Luke and I recently attended the amazing Professional Beauty London show and I was very much like a kid in a toy store! It was fantastic and it’s got me even more excited to implement the beauty feature on my blog.

I’m planning on kicking off the new Beauty on My Little Brushneen Blog with a skincare series, which i’ll include info on the importance of establishing a regular skincare routine, product reviews covering both budget and more high end brands and possibly my current skincare routine. I also have a few other reviews in the pipeline which I’m really excited about.

I will be working on this in the upcoming weeks and I’m super excited to share it with you. Your support means so much more than I can convey in words and I really, really appreciate every single like, comment and follow it means the world to me. If you’re new here I would love it if you would help me out by following my blog and stay tuned for new posts!

Thank you so, so much




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