Snow days, Cakes and Upcoming Events.

Snow days, Cakes and Upcoming Events.

We welcomed spring 2018 with bitterly cold winds, icy grounds and a rather significant amount of snowfall as the beast from the east and storm Emma hit the Cotswolds. In fact there was so much snow that we ended up with a large snow drift outside our front door that was just as exciting for us big kids to jump in as it was for the little one!

The end of February had brought freezing cold temperatures and with forecasts warning of the expected snowfall for a fair few days prior we was somewhat prepared. Freya, who had her first proper experience in the snow just a few months ago was eager for more and got excited at every flurry, wanting to stand at the window to watch and of course to get out and build a snowman. We had the first signs of what was to come throughout Wednesday and made a quick trip for supplies after work in the evening to ensure we had enough essentials to see us through the next few days.

On Thursday the weather conditions worsened and red alerts put in place, therefore instead of little monkey traveling to my parents, which is the arrangement every Thursday whilst I’m working, Luke and I finished early and thankfully we were all back home safe and snug by 2pm before the storm was at full strength. I’m so incredibly thankful that us three and our families was able to be home and prepared for the conditions.


 Throughout Thursday evening we kept checking outside surprised at the amount of snow settling , It doesn’t happen often for us! On Friday 2nd March we woke to huge mounds of snow, a white wonderland that Freya couldn’t wait to venture out into.

After lunch the welly boots, big coats and bobble hats were dug out and we piled on the layers, including 2 sets of gloves for our excitable toddler and rain suit, that doubles perfectly as a snowsuit over warm clothes, and we was all set to trek through the snow drifts to the nearby recreation ground.

That cheeky smile of hers! 

We stomped our way through the crunchy white blanket, had a little walk and mess around before heading back. Little monkey wasn’t to impressed when she ended up on her bottom sunk in the snow with wet gloves! we soon retreated back into the warm just as the snow started to fall again and enjoyed an afternoon snuggled up under the duvet, TV, cuddles, snoozing and Pizza for tea.

Playing in the snow is tiring work! #Snowedinspring2018

 On Saturday after another lovely leisurely snow day morning we took a walk into town to get something nice for Lunch. Freya enjoying jumping in the slush and making footprints in the snow. She does get frustrated when we’re stuck inside so a quick wander to the local shops was very welcome. We also popped along to the sweetie shop to get a few sweet treats.

With the rise in temperature on Sunday the snow thawed very quickly and we was able to travel to my parents house for a visit where we managed to get a fair few things sorted for are upcoming wedding in June whilst Freya kept Nana and Grampy on their toes. I keep saying it but i can’t quite believe how quickly the big day is coming around.

Back at home later that evening decided to use the frozen cupcake box kit that we’d picked up during our supply run a few days before, the perfect theme! Does anyone else find baking with kids never seems to go to plan though! Little one enjoyed it though bar a slight tantrum when told she had to let them cool down before decorating and they did taste rather yummy.

It was so very lovely to have a long weekend with Luke home with us and we definitely did enjoy the relaxed snowy days although I am also pleased it’s cleared quickly and the weather seems to be warming, I’m so looking forward to the brighter spring days.

We have Easter plans to make, Lukes and little lady’s birthday coming up and In the next few months all being well i’ll be attending a few events including a beauty awards show, Beauty UK at the NEC and I’m so excited, and a little nervous to be going to BlogOnX in Manchester, If you’re going leave me a comment i’d Love to know! Of course we have our wedding coming up in June too so lots to plan for and some very exciting times ahead. 😀



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