Mother’s Day treat at Longleat

Mother’s Day treat at Longleat


On Saturday the 10th of March 2018, the day before Mothering Sunday, we took a trip to the wonderful Longleat Safari and Adventure park for a lovely Mother’s day treat. We headed off after breakfast with a very excited little monkey of our own looking forward to spotting the many beautiful animals and exotic creatures and getting to spend the day with both Nana’s!

We had such a lovely day together and I thought I’d pop up a post to share quite a lot of the photos (because I couldn’t just pick a few) from our day out, so without further ado..

On arrival we headed straight for the Safari drive through, making a pit stop at the African village to grab a hot drink and elevenses from the watering hole cafe.

Little one waiting excitedly for her drink and doughnut!

After our snacks we checked out the African Traders Shop which has so many beautiful goodies. Freya was drawn to the many soft toys and musical instruments, enjoying the drums, musical frogs and maracas!

Freya sporting her brand new welly boots!

Not sure the one on the left was too impressed with photos being taken!
As Luke would say “you got to be kidding!” Freya loves the goats!

The African Village has a lot to explore including the Giraffe viewing platform, lemur walk through and Warthog ridge but on this occasion as at the time it was still a little drizzly we decided to continue through the Safari drive through to see what we could find.

We was actually really lucky with the weather despite it being a little damp on arrival …

Say cheese!

… for the rest of the day it stayed dry and turned out to be quite pleasant.

Off through the safari we go!

One of my favourite parts of the day had to of be the deer park! Getting up close and feeding the beautiful deer was so much fun and seeing Freya’s reaction was priceless! She loved it.

After a short wait and manoeuvring to get into position we quickly attracted some hungry and very friendly deer.

This one couldn’t wait to get to the cups of feed!

Such beautiful and gentle creatures.

I definitely made a friend (until i ran out of food) which the others found hilarious!

Looks like the one behind was about to nibble my ear!

I was lucky that the deer I encountered was rather clean compared to the ones that approached Luke! Let’s just say there was mud! You are provided with antibacterial wipes to clean off little (and bigger) hands after the feeding which was very much appreciated.

We was all in awe of the beautiful Lion prides. Freya was roaring away.

Stunning timber wolves a little camera shy.

After lots of fun watching the impressive and beautiful animals roam the exhibits (the monkeys from afar to avoid car damage) we made our way to the main square to adventure around the attractions, shops and smaller animal exhibits.

As well as the very enjoyable safari there is so much to keep the whole family occupied within the main square, in fact despite being there right up until tea time there are still a fair few things we didn’t get around to doing! That, any the many exciting events coming up gives us the perfect excuse to head back!

One thing that little one pointed out straight away is the Rockin’ Rhino ride! Lot’s of fun and not only for the littlies! Although Freya seemed to change her mind when we got to the front of the queue, actually she burst into tears because she didn’t want to get on…however the lovely staff member was very kind and persuasive and as soon as the ride took off she was loving it! So much so she cried at the end because she didn’t want to get off!!

We spent some time checking out the lovely shops, animal exhibits and Luke’s mum and my mum had a go at feeding the birds.

We then decided to go and take a look around Longleat House, an absolutely stunning and grand Elizabethan home which has such a fascinating history. Understandably photography is not permitted inside the house but believe me when I say it is so very, very beautiful and all of us, even the littlest enjoyed having a look around.

The paintings, furniture and decor is absolutely gorgeous and there are plenty of friendly staff members more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

On our way out of Longleat house i simply could not resist picking up some goodies from Emma’s kitchen, choosing some very yummy meringue and shortbread biscuits and every trip to Longleat is not complete without a visit to Lord Bath’s Olde Sweet Shoppe! It’s become a tradition of ours to pop in and grab some goodies before heading home.

Thank you so much Longleat, you were absolutely wonderful! We all had a wonderful day out and a super Mother’s day treat!




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