Handirest – The Must Have Manicure Accessory.

Handirest – The Must Have Manicure Accessory.

Are you a nail tech? manicurist? beauty therapist? Salon owner? or just love having perfectly polished nails? If so the Handirest is an absolute must have! Whether you’re applying polish, gels, foils, acrylics or intricate nail art the unique design loved by many salons and beauty professionals makes it the perfect manicure accessory.

So what is the Handirest? 

The Handirest is a latex-free, comfortable foam cushion which provides a stable base whilst supporting the hand and wrist. Differing from the other traditional wrist rests and rolled towels the special design makes it an ideal accessory for professional manicures as it encourages clients to keep their hands in the optimum position for the perfect polished finish. But it’s not limited to professional use. It’s also a handy tool for when you fancy polishing your nails at home.

Handirest Ltd.

This incredibly clever manicure accessory was created by inventor Adrian Holder. Adrian founded Handirest Ltd, a Buckinghamshire based company, in 2012 after recognising that there was just nothing available to assist with manicures in this way.  The Handirest quickly proved popular with many nail techs and manicurists across the country after it’s launch and therefore becoming a salon essential.

I was Super impressed with this fantastic product from the very first time I used it! Since bringing one home from Professional Beauty London back in February I’ve used it both when providing manicures and when painting my own nails and it has very quickly become one of my manicure essentials.

Processed with MOLDIV

I love that that specially designed hand shaped foam has seven channels supporting the fingers. This design means that one Handirest can be used for both the right and left hand effectively.

With the front of the rest slightly raised and each finger separated as well as it being super comfortable I definitely found when painting my own nails i had more control over the application of the polish making it easier, even when using my left hand (i’m right handed) and therefore making the application a lot quicker. The same goes for when using it to paint nails for family, friends and clients, the positioning of the fingers makes it so much easier to achieve a smudge proof and professional finish and the flexibility of being able to move the Handirest around to find the perfect position helped greatly with the application of nail art.

Processed with MOLDIV

There was no need to worry about getting varnish on tables, or clothes (as when i’m at home usually i’ll do my nails whilst sat on the sofa) and actually even when used on my lap it provided a stable and steady base! The Handirest is resistant to acetone, which is great as I did manage to get varnish on the foam! This was quickly sorted with a quick wipe with my acetone, it removed the polish with ease leaving no trace on the Handirest. You can also use nail polish remover and sanitising spray to clean the Handirest making it a very durable and hygienic product.

The Handirest retails at £9.99 which i think is an absolute bargain because you’re going to get so much use out of it! It comes in a variety of colours which are as follows:

Mint Green 




Baby pink 

You can currently pick one up in the limited edition Fab pink. This is very special. As well as Fab pink being a gorgeous colour, £2.00 from each Fab pink Handirest sold will be donated to Breast Cancer Care. Handirest Ltd is proud to support this wonderful charity.

The Handirest is an affordable and high quality product which provides comfort, support, a steady base and control during a variety of nail treatments. I would highly recommend to nail techs, beauty therapists and anyone that enjoys painting nails whether that be in a professional setting or in the comfort of your own home, if your painting nails for others and/or for yourself either way it’s a   great product! You can find out more and purchase the Handirest at www.handirest.com

Thank you so much for reading,



*was kindly gifted the pink Handirest in exchange for a honest review. All photos and opinions are truthful and my own.*

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