First Day At Preschool For Our Little Monkey.

First Day At Preschool For Our Little Monkey.

Freya’s first day at Preschool

Our little monkey is starting Preschool. I can’t quite believe that this day has arrived so quickly, time certainly does fly. The saying goes “the days are long but the years are short” and I’m really relating to that this morning. I say it so often but she is growing up so fast and we are so incredibly proud of the beautiful, funny, caring and kind young lady that she’s become and continues to grow into.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were able to hold our little bundle of loveliness in one arm, rock her to sleep whilst singing a variety of nursery rhymes and Disney tunes and spending so much time just captivated by her every move.

I won’t pretend some days wern’t challenging, honestly they were probably some of my hardest days and she still does a good job of challenging us now but that’s all part of this amazing adventure in parenthood. We wouldn’t have it any other way because for every tear there’s a ton of smiles, for every tantrum there’s a bundle of snuggles and for every telling off there’s hundreds of I love yous.

Our little bundle is growing into such a wonderful character and although these days she’s not as easy to carry those snuggles are just as sweet and she continues to amaze us daily.

She’s taught us unconditional love, a love there are no words to describe, a love like no other which burns stronger and stronger each day. As I say often, no matter how big she gets she will always be our little baby girl and now our baby girl, our cheeky little monkey, our first born is starting Preschool.

5th of September 2018 and it’s time to start a new chapter. Bringing so much laughter and joy to those around her I know as soon as she walks in she’ll light up that playgroup room. I’m feeling very emotional, to be honest I have been for the past couple of weeks during the lead up to this milestone but i’m also so incredibly excited for our little lady. I know that she is more than ready and that she’s going to have such a wonderful time making new friends, learning new things and gaining more and more confidence.

I have a feeling that she’ll be a huge fan of the mud kitchen and will really enjoy the outside space, story time and pretend play, often at the moment she’ll be wandering around the house, handbag on one shoulder pushing baby doll in her pram informing me that she is off to Tesco! Shop is her favourite to play at the moment. She has such a wonderful imagination.

We got up bright and early, as soon as I told little one where she was going she was full of excitement, wanting to get up and get dressed right then and there! We made her current favourite breakfast, weetabix with fruit, got her lunch and backpack ready and checked it twice, uniform on and she was raring to go. I’m pretty sure me and Daddy were alot more nervous. The walk there was lovely, sun shining and little one couldn’t wait to get there.

We met her lovely key worker and not long after we arrived little monkey was sat at the arts and crafts table being introduced to some of her new friends. We said goodbye, It was a struggle but I managed to hold back the tears and Freya was an absolute star.

It certainly feels very strange not having her running around the house at the moment and I think it will take some time for us all to get used to the new routine but I’m sure she’s going to have a great time and it’s going to do wonders for her confidence. Her daddy and I couldn’t be prouder right now and I can’t wait to go pick her up and hear all about her day.

Thank you so much for reading



…and Freya, our little monkey if you’re reading this in years to come mummy and daddy love you so very much and we are so very proud of you always.

Mummy and Daddy


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