Living Arrows {10.09.2018} Fun at the park

Living Arrows {10.09.2018} Fun at the park

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran.

Hello and happy Monday! It’s time for living arrows and this week I have a few photos to share which were taken yesterday afternoon during a trip to the park.

Little Monkey loves Disney princesses, in particular Elsa and Anna from Frozen and Belle from beauty and the beast. On our Sunday stroll to the park she insisted on wearing her pretty Princess Elsa dress which at the moment is her current favourite dressing up costume. She also tells me she would really quite like some Elsa shoes but on this occasion we teamed her sparkling Frozen attire with pink leggings and wellyboots just In case the gathering clouds above meant we was in for a downpour. With her raincoat in hand we were all set to go.

She chose to go on the swings first which has always been her favourite.

She then, to our amusement, pretended to be a pirate on the little climbing frame. She has such a wonderful imagination and loves pretend play.

Of course a trip to what she told us was her favourite park would not be complete without a fair few goes on the slide.

She even got me and her Daddy to have a go on the big slide!

It was breezy yet still quite warm and luckily the rain held off. Little lady had lots of fun running around with her princess cape blowing in the wind and when told it was time to go responded with a wagging finger and telling us she should have seven more minutes! She does make us laugh. These moments together absolutely warms me to the core. Priceless.

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Living Arrows

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