Living Arrows – An Umbrella and Muddy Puddles

Living Arrows – An Umbrella and Muddy Puddles

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran.

Hello everyone and Happy Autumn!! It’s a day later than planned but here we are with this weeks Living Arrows. The weather may have been a little gloomy here over the weekend but I am so so excited to welcome the season of comfy knits, cosy evenings and beautiful autumnal walks. I love Autumn and can you believe that the count down to Christmas is now in double digits!

The majority of last week was windy and wet with the rain not holding off over the weekend, so we’ve spent a bit more time indoors. However this week’s photos were taken when we did venture out, despite the rain. Little one does tend to get frustrated when we spend alot of time inside and actually it’s the same for all three of us. We like to get out and about even if it’s just a little wonder around one of our local shopping centres which on this occasion is what we decided to do.

With the rain not letting up for most of the day there was plenty of puddles for the little madam to splash in and she was over the moon that she got to use her new Frozen umbrella. She wasn’t that impressed when we told her it had to go down when entering the shops though. She made us smile so much as she was happily and proudly walking with her umbrella. Stupidly I didn’t actually take my own!

We are hoping the weather continues to brighten up this week to allow us to spend some more time in the great outdoors. Little one is really enjoying playing in and collecting the fallen leaves for leaf painting so all being well that’s one of the plans for the coming days. Whatever you’re up to this week have a great one.

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