Getting Creative with Paint Sticks by Little Brian.

Getting Creative with Paint Sticks by Little Brian.

We love arts and crafts! It’s one of my favourite go to activities when we have some down time at home, on those rainy days indoors or if we just fancy unleashing our creative side. It’s something that little one is always keen to do and she’s enjoying getting crafty more and more as she’s growing up.

One thing that little monkey really loves to dig out of her arts and crafts box is her paints! It is wonderful to watch her get arty, creating her colourful masterpieces and splashing those paintbrushes onto the paper to reveal a beautiful rainbow of colours…but splash she does.

Now our little house doesn’t have alot of space for a large table and therefore we tend to do most of our arts and crafts on a mess mat on the floor. When the paints are out I do find myself sitting there watching every drip, dab and sloppy brush as it makes it’s way from the paint pot to the paper and mopping up any splash of rogue paint as it falls. I try my best not to but I really don’t want to end up with a multicoloured carpet and let’s face it, the clean up after painting is never fun! This is one reason why the Paint Sticks by Little Brian caught my attention straight away.

I got to have a little play with the Paint Sticks earlier this month when I attended BlogOnToys in Manchester. I was thoroughly impressed and after finding out some more from the lovely ladies promoting the product I was very excited to have the opportunity to take some home and see if they got little monkeys approval!

We have been testing out the pack of 24 Paint Sticks by Little Brian which has a fantastic mix of assorted colours and finishes. The set includes 12 classic colours, 6 day glow colours and 6 metallic colours. The packaging is eye catching, bright and fun and this matches the style of the Paint Sticks inside.

The Paint Sticks are water soluble and very child friendly. Little lady was so excited when I handed her the set and couldn’t wait to get stuck in. To be honest neither could I! There’s no need for any water or paintbrushes you simply pick your colour, lift the lid, twist up the solid paint and you’re ready to get painting.

After a little help It didn’t take long for the little one to master the unique twist up format and she handled them with ease, happily using the Paint Sticks to create pictures of her favourite characters, her first project was a painting of Jessie, her favourite cowgirl (you may spot her somewhere in the photos).

The Paint Sticks can be used on multiple surfaces including card, wood, canvas and glass. We used them on paper first and after reading they wipe effortlessly from whiteboards we decided to give that a go too. The paint glided onto the paper smoothly with a silky texture that dried super quick and because there was no worrying about dripping, splashing or smearing it meant that all three of us could just relax and enjoy the activity together without me constantly wiping away any messes. They worked really well on cardboard too!

The colours do not disappoint and they are just as vibrant as you’d expect from the packaging.The fluorescent colours really do glow, the metallics shine beautifully, the classics are just as impressive and you do still get the look, feel and texture of a painting. we were more than happy with the quality of the paints and how well they transferred onto the different surfaces.

They certainly did work well on the whiteboard too and I can confirm it was incredibly easy to wipe clean leaving no tint or trace of the paint on the surface.

Little Monkey had fun decorating a empty kitchen roll and turning into her very own pirates telescope!

You can use the sticks to try out a varitey of techniques such as dotting, stamping and scraping which I’m keen to try, I love those scratch foil arts you can get and I’d imagine scraping gives a very similar effect. You can even use them on your windows! We found the classic colours worked best for this. Just like a whiteboard simply wipe clean afterwards. Its great how versatile they are!

Of course another huge bonus is this mess-fee method means there’s no dirty paintbrushes, absolutely no puddles of paint or dribbles of water which makes the clean up a breeze! No hassle, no fuss just pack them away and you’re done and because the paint dries so quickly I’m not having to spread them all over the house and keep little hands off until they are dry.

Most importantly our little lady loved them! In fact all three of us had so much fun painting together with the Paint sticks and have done so multiple times since reviewing. They are a great addition to the craft box and will definitely be something we are sure to enjoy using again and again! Lots of fun and alot less mess! They definitely get our approval. Now I just need to find somewhere to put all the paintings!

You can find out all about the Paint Sticks, what other sets are available and where you can find them over on

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