Budget Buying and Price Comparison Plans.

Budget Buying and Price Comparison Plans.

For many years now we have done the majority of our shopping in the larger chains of supermarkets. We occasionally pop into Asda and Morrisons but do most of our main food shop in the giant of the supermarket world Tesco. I suppose one of the main factors for this is simply convenience because Tesco is our closest store and it’s just what we’re used to. However lately it seems we have been spending a small fortune on our groceries and with Christmas fast approaching and home improvement plans on the cards we are determined to become more shopping savvy and save some money.

I’ve been considering trying our local Aldi store for a long while now and after some quite wonderful reviews from a few family members and friends and hearing of their incredible savings Luke and I decided it had to be done. So last weekend we went along to check out what Aldi had to offer!

I’ll be honest, I was quite excited, definitely more so than my husband who does tend to prefer the big brand names (I call him a brand snob) however lately he has been more open to trying the more budget friendly options. First Impressions of Aldi are very positive, we didn’t go with a full shop planned and had no list it was more of a little top up shop and mainly to do a little recon of the store to see if we thought a switch would be possible for us.

We came out with 2 full bags, a large pumpkin, because me and little lady convinced Daddy we must have a practice run with our design, and a Halloween craft kit which i’m going to insert a photo of because we were so impressed with it!

It’s a decorate your own witches hat and wand and little lady (and myself) had so much fun with it! For Β£1.99 you can’t go wrong.

We was also thoroughly impressed with The final total of Β£20.23p for the goods that we brought which included fresh produce and we’ll definitely shop there again, however could we do a total switch?

Now for a confession ….We did head into Tesco the following day, I know, another day another supermarket, we needed a few things for little ones lunch box and some other bits that we didn’t pick up from Aldi but as I said we never went along with a list or wanting anything in particular so I’m not saying we couldn’t of found it there. On my last online shop with Tesco I noticed a few new budget friendly brands and during our quick shop on Sunday we picked up some things from these ranges and was quite surprised with how inexpensive they were.

We only picked up a few products including a couple of ready meals, which we don’t normally buy however if they are as tasty as they look they would be great alternatives for me on my work days. There is alot more available from these ranges most of which is under Β£1. So with the discovery of these budget friendly brands such as Hearty Food Company, The Grower’s Harvest and Molly’s and sticking to the more inexpensive products could we save just as much as if we made a switch to Aldi? That’s what I intend to find out over the next few weeks and what I’ll be documenting on the blog in my new Budget buying series.

Now I will admit that both myself and Luke are impulse buyers, we never take shopping lists and tend to buy alot more than what we probably need so this is also factors we’ll be taking into account and working to change in order to be able to put some pennies (hopefully pounds) aside for other things.

I had quite alot of interest on Twitter on my opinion of Aldi which was lovely (if any of you are reading this I really enjoyed chatting with you all) and so I am planning a grocery shop price comparison where we’ll comprise a shopping list of products we buy regularly, we’ll document the cost from Tesco and them buy the same or find close alternatives from Aldi and compare the final total. I can’t wait to find out the outcome and share it with you and see if we are going to go ahead and make the switch to Aldi! I’ll keep you updated.

Thank you so much for reading,



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