The Mermen for Mind Project – Supporting Mind – The Mental Health Charity

The Mermen for Mind Project – Supporting Mind – The Mental Health Charity

I was incredibly honoured to be contacted by the lovely Caroline from Mermen for Mind, a heart warming project run in memory of Ellen Scott. The team have created a fantastic Charity Calender to support Mind the mental health charity and In this post I will tell you more about Ellen, the Mermen for Mind Project and why it’s a cause so very close to my heart.

If you follow my blog and/or social media platforms you’re likely to already know that since my mid teens I’ve lived and battled with anxiety.

I have a Generalised Anxiety Disorder, a long term mental health condition. The severity differs from day to day and it causes a great number of symptoms which I plan to go into in more detail in a separate post.

It took a really long time to reach an understanding of what was happening to me. Learning to control the anxiety, overcome the countless panic attacks and find myself again after reaching a very dark place, it was extremely difficult. With help and advice I’ve learnt ways in which I can have more control over the anxiety and cope so much better. I vowed I would never let myself go to that dark place again but there are still times in which I struggle, I really struggle.

Through my experiences with anxiety i have discovered some truly amazing online communities and Mental health charities that really helped me to understand my condition, find others that have gone through or are going through similar experiences and was, and still are, a great comfort to me. One such charity is Mind – a mental health charity that works tirelessly to provide help and support to those that need it most, they campaign for change and believe that all who suffer a mental health problem should be treated fairly, with respect and have access to outstanding care and services.

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Mermen for Mind

Unfortunately Ellen Scott, beloved daughter, mother, sister and dear friend suffered with depression and anxiety and very sadly took her own life on the 25th June 2017, it was 2 days after her 23rd birthday.

I never met Ellen however after discussing the project, researching Mermen for Mind and reading the beautifully written posts over on the Mermen for Mind blog it is so very clear that Ellen was, and still is, a huge inspiration to so, so many.

Ellen hoped to dedicate her life to helping and supporting those experiencing mental health problems and often spoke about supporting the Mind Charity.

At the heart of the Mermen for Mind Project is Ellen’s mother Anna Scott. Anna explains beautifully over on the Mermen for Mind blog that Ellen was very spirited and super creative, she would light up a room upon entering and her kind, caring nature and strong will inspired so many. She loved the wonders of the sea world, always kept fish and would laugh about wanting to be a mermaid.

Ellen was committed to helping others and Anna and the Mermen for Mind teams ambition is to carry on Ellen’s legacy and treasure her memory In the most amazing way. In their own words they want to “create light with glitter and magic in what can be the darkest of places” and that just warms my heart completely and the calender is sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Mermen for Mind calender is the most lovely way to portray Ellen’s memory, her love for the sea, mythical creatures and marine life (with lots of glitter of course) capturing her dreamy, creative and magical nature and to carry on her work to help those struggling with mental health by supporting Mind charity.

Anna found inspiration for the beautiful Mermen for Mind calender from the New Foundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache Club ‘Merbys’ Calender and the NLBMC were more than happy for the calender to be echoed by the Mermen for Mind Project.

Alot of time, dedication and hard work goes into creating this beautiful, sparkling Calender which was officially launched in September 2018. This is such an amazing project with a superstar team who have created this incredible Calender in memory of beautiful Ellen, carrying on her legacy, raising mental health awareness and supporting such a worthy cause. Ellen will be proud.

There is still plenty of time to grab a copy. 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem and there are hundreds of thousands of people still struggling. By purchasing your very own glittering Mermen for Mind calender you can help to support this amazing project, support the Mind Charity and support those struggling. Please help to end the stigma, spread awareness, understanding and carry on Ellen’s amazing work.

You can find out more about the Mermen for Mind Project and purchase your very own calender and cards here –

Join Mermen for Mind on social media:-




You can find out more about Mind at

Mind Infoline – 0300 123 3393

Mind Text Line – 86463

Facebook –

Twitter –

Instagram –

Thank you so much for reading



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