Lifestyle changes for 2019

Lifestyle changes for 2019

Hiya you lovely lot and Hello 2019! So we are entering our 2nd week of January…already and we are now fully back into our normal routine, hubby and I were back to work on the 2nd and Little lady returned to yesterday after a lovely festive break and seemed to be raring to get back to see her friends.

We had such a great Christmas and in many ways it has seemed to have flown by however it is nice to get back to a routine aswell.

It’s mixed emotions though as although I’ve definitely had a few of those “can’t wait for Preschool to start” moments during little madams toddler tantrums and teenage like attitude (I get the whole threenager thing now for sure) I missed my mini me for the few hours she was away and was soooo looking forward to hearing about what she got up to.

Her response was “playing” when asked and she seemed to have had a fun morning, she was a little tired but in a very good mood. She absolutely loves Preschool and having the routine definitely improves her behaviour.

So New year is that time alot of us reflect and focus on making resolutions and setting certain goals to change and/or improve certain aspects of our lives. Of course not something everyone does, it’s not always something I have done and for me it’s more lifestyle changes rather than set goals but I suppose these are sort of like my resolutions for the new year which I thought I’d document and share. Here i have listed 5 lifestyle changes I want to make, there maybe some more I want to add however we’ll start with these and I intend to document how I’m getting on here on the blog. So here we go….

Get outside more.

We live in the beautiful Cotswolds and are so, so very lucky to be surrounded with stunning countryside and picturesque places to visit. All three of us love to get out in the great outdoors and explore however in the latter part of last year my anxiety worsened and we didn’t venture out anywhere near as much as I would like. This year I want us to get out even more, discover new places and revisit are favourites, walk more of the stunning countryside and adventure around the Cotswolds and beyond! I’m so excited for this and as well as being fantastic family time I’m certain it will be a massive help with getting me back on track with my anxiety.

Drink more water!

This is something that I’m incredibly bad at sticking too but it’s so so very important for so many reasons! Some days I will literally just have a couple of cups of good old English breakfast tea and most days I will get no where near the recommended 8 glasses. I’m certain it’s a huge factor in why I feel so sluggish at times. There are so many health benefits to staying hydrated and feeling more energised is one of them! This is something I’m determined to stick to.

Eat more fruit and veg.

When it comes to mealtimes I will make sure that little lady is getting her fruit and veg, since weaning it’s been a priority, she doesn’t always eat it of course, she’s great with her fruits, not so good with the veg but is improving. I concern myself with how much she is getting however I don’t share that same concern for myself! Why? It doesn’t even make sense, we need to look after our bodies too right so I intend to make more of an effort with my own diet and get those nutrients! Getting hubby to eat anything green though…now there’s a challenge.

Improve skin/hair/bodycare routine

Now as a beauty therapist I spend a great deal of time pampering others and i love all things beauty but don’t tend to find the time or put the effort into doing it for myself. Since becoming a mummy my skincare routine is non existent, wet wipes are my main cleansing product, I can’t remember the last time I used a body lotion and the only product I use on my hair is little ladys shampoo!! I can’t believe I’ve just admitted that but that’s how it is! However now I’m getting older, ladies and gents, I’m just not getting away with it anymore… my skin is in desperate need for a solid regular routine! Also I love discovering and using new and favourite beauty products!!! I can’t wait to share my favourites with you.

Self care

Really all of the above relates to the importance of self care. I’ve spoke about my desire to dedicate more time to self care here on my blog before and that’s often where it will stop…I talk about wanting to do these things but never put it into practice. It’s making me rubbish and ultimately these little changes combined is sure to make a huge difference to me, my struggles with anxiety, make me feel better about myself overall and improve my health and mental wellbeing. Self care, It’s something that we all deserve. For many of us, parents and non parents alike life is busy, stressful, at times overwhelming and whether it’s taking a long hot bubbly bath, ensuring you’re getting enough water, reading a book or simply just taking 5 minutes to yourself…it’s important. My family is my number one priority, that won’t change and I’m sure that’s the same for most but it’s not selfish to look after yourself too and that’s something I’ll be working on throughout this year in order to be a better person for the ones I love and for myself. One of my favourite quotes is “you can’t pour from an empty cup” in order to give your best to your loved ones you have to look after you too.

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Do you have any New year’s resolutions? If you have I’d love to hear about them, pop me a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading



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