Treasure Special Times with a Greaterskies Star Map.

Treasure Special Times with a Greaterskies Star Map.

Greaterskies create beautiful, high quality custom star maps which will capture thousands of stars, the moon, the sun and the planets, seen from your chosen place, date and time. What an incredible way to cherish those special moments, with a truly unique, personalised keepsake that would make a tremendous gift of the stars for loved ones and a great way to cherish a special time of your own. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to review one of these fantastic prints and celebrate our own special time and treasured moment with a Greaterskies Little star map.

Founder and CEO of Greaterskies Juan, an engineer specialising in printing, created the first version of the program that calculates the custom star maps back in 2005, after learning how to compute the positioning of the stars and planets. He wanted to use the high definition printers around him to their full potential and really see what the latest in digital large format printers could do! He chose a star map due to them being far more complex than even the most detailed of photos.

Juan’s project was hugely successful and after some time he offered a personalised star map to a friend looking for a birthday present. So impressed with what he created his friend encouraged Juan to take it further and make it available to more people and so he turned into a website where anybody can create their own custom star map and cherish those special times.

You can choose from a variety of styles when creating your star map with Greaterskies. As I chose to dedicate our personalised star map to the birth of our gorgeous daughter I went for the little star option. Other styles include the classic star map, Night sky star map and romantic star map.

The website layout is clear and professional and all it takes is a few simple steps to create your star map which are available for an immediate download or can be printed in high definition and shipped to you. Firstly you select your design and colour, then enter details such as the location, date and time of your chosen moment, go on to add your personal text and then choose either to download or have your unique map of the stars printed and delivered to your door. If you choose to have your star map delivered you will go on to select your preferred size and framing option.

I chose to have our star map printed and delivered in the larger size of 50Γ—70cm and framed. I love that both the smaller and larger maps are standard sizes so if you did choose to download it wouldn’t be difficult to find a suitable frame.

I was absolutely amazed when I unboxed our starmap! The high definition detail and quality of the print is outstanding, professional and the frame is sturdy and finishines it off nicely.

I love the pastel colouring of the little star design and the starmap print makes a lovely feature in Freya’s bedroom.

The personalised text adds an extra special touch.

As i mentioned above I chose to capture the stars over Gloucester, the city in which Freya was born, on the day and at the exact time that we welcomed her into the world. Even just writing that brings a smile to my face and happy tears to my eyes, such an incredible memory now captured in such an amazing way. I honestly couldn’t be happier with the finished print. If you wanted you do have the option to be even more precise with your location also.

To have such a beautiful and personalised keepsake of an incredibly special time is amazing and we will all treasure it always. Others that have seen our print have been equally as impressed confirming to me that a Greaterskies starmap would be the perfect gift for loved ones.

I do think it would make a wonderful present for weddings, anniversaries, christenings, births, in fact any special occasion. So if you’re looking for a truly special gift for a loved one in your life or if you’re looking for a special keepsake to celebrate a special time of your own, Something unique, completely personalised, absolutely beautiful and certain to impress, a Greaterskies star map is just that! I would highly recommend.

The sky over Gloucester on the 23rd of May 2015, the day our own little star was born.

You can find out more about Greaterskies and what they offer at

* I was very kindly gifted our starmap from Greaterskies in return for this review. All opinions and photographs are honest and my own *

Thank you so much for reading.

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