Review – Little Brian Face Paint Sticks.

Review – Little Brian Face Paint Sticks.

I was introduced to the Little Brian paint sticks back in September 2018 when I attended the blogging conference BlogOnToys in Manchester. With a little lady that loves to get creative and crafty their mess free, versatile and super fun method of painting which was being exhibited appealed to me instantly! Infact they are still very much a favourite in our craft box and so I was very excited to be given the opportunity to try out the new Little Brian Art Face Paint Sticks which have recently been launched.

We’ve been testing out the pack of 12 Little Brian Face Paint Sticks, suitable for ages 3 and up (retails at Β£9.99). The set has a great selection of colours and also comes with a how to booklet which includes 12 face paint designs for you to try. The face paint sticks are also available in a pack of 6 (retailing at Β£5.99).

The face paint sticks are dermatalogically and microbiologically tested, paraben free, lead free and solvent free, free from major allergens and non toxic making them safe for most skin types. These important points are clearly stated on the outer packaging. It’s also good to know they are not tested on animals.

Little lady was very excited to open up the set, get painting and of course have her own face painted!

I love the bright and fun design of the packaging and the paints themselves and actually I was probably just as excited as little lady to start creating some designs.

Freya has never had any sort of face painting before so we did carry out a patch test beforehand which turned out absolutely fine. On the outer packaging it is advised to carry out a patch test before unleashing your creativity.

The very next day we started to recreate some of the designs. Freya’s first request was a unicorn. This wasn’t an exact copy of the design in the booklet but i did use it for inspiration.

The paints twist up and down like a gluestick and I find this lift and twist design works really well. The paint glided onto the skin smoothly, applying alot easier than I expected and despite being solid sticks the paints feel soft and creamy when applied onto the skin. We was also very impressed with the vibrancy of the colours.

The outer casing of the solid sticks of paint is similar to a marker pen. We found them comfortable to hold and easy to use and little lady was able to use them with ease also.

The paint dried super quick, passed the smudge test with flying colours and really was mess free.

I did find it a little challenging creating some of the looks from the how to booklet. I admit attempting them on a 4 year old that didn’t want to sit still made it more of a challenge but that being said I do feel it is quite difficult to acheive the finer details of the designs regardless. We wasn’t fussed about this though as we still had so much fun using the face paint sticks and for us that’s what it’s all about, having fun!

If you did want a more professional finish you could also use brushes and/or sponges with the face paint sticks.

Freya loved the dalmation design.

We also tried out the cute Caterpillar from the how to booklet but using different colours.

And Freya’s not the only one who got to have her face painted. As the weather wasn’t all the great on Fathers day we decided to have a more chilled out indoorsy day and in the afternoon we all had a go with the paints! It made a super rainy day activity. We turned Daddy into a frog and me into a tiger. Roaaar! We also used the how to booklet for the tiger, frog and the dalmation design.

When it comes to washing it off, well that was another thing we was super impressed with. It was quick, easy and removed with ease with a little soap and water. This is something that I’m sure all parents will appreciate as lets face it…not many toddlers are that keen on having their faces washed!

In conclusion quite simply we loved the face paint sticks! They are high quality paints and I think the sets are very resonably priced. They are lots of fun, easy to use, gentle on the skin, they promote creativity and make a fantastic activity that we could enjoy as a family. The little one really enjoyed getting involved, us adults didn’t have to worry about any messes and as there is no need for water you could even take them out and about! When you’re finished they pack away easily. Thumbs up from us!

– We’ve also reviewed the Little Brian Paint Sticks Bumper Pack

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* We were kindly gifted the pack of 12 Little Brian Face Paint Sticks in return for this review. All opinions and photos are my own. *

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