[Review] Rainbocorns Series 2 – Global Hatching Day.

[Review] Rainbocorns Series 2 – Global Hatching Day.

Today is global hatching day which is celebrating the launch of the brand new, very exciting and super cute Rainbocorns Series 2! There is a whole new range of magical cuddly creatures to discover and as it combines many of Freya’s favourite things (surprise egg, unicorn inspired, cuddly toy, collectables, stickers to name just a few) we was thrilled to get involved and share our thoughts on the hatching of our Series 2 Rainbocorn!

We was very excited to recieve the special delivery and brought it along with us on our recent family holiday to Cornwall ready to open for global hatching day.

Freya couldn’t wait to see what was inside and to be honest us adults were quite excited to (we are totally big kids at heart).

The new cast of adorable creatures of series 2 includes even more surprises with a total of 10 layers of wonder to discover within the giant surprise egg.

We loved the bright, fun and very pretty design of the outer packaging and surprise egg itself, which comes complete with it’s very own unicorn horn.

There are 12 Rainbocorns to collect in series 2 and 6 animal themes which are the Pandacorns, Flamingocorns, Llamacorns, Unicorns, Lioncorns and Owlcorns. A great variety and you also have the chance of hatching the rare golden flamingocorn which is also included within series 2.

You do get a sneaky peak on the outer packaging of what you could hatch and honestly they all look so incredibly cute.

After unwrapping the first surprise to discover is the reversable sequin heart which sits at the front of the surprise egg.

You simply swipe the sequins to reveal the hidden picture which builds up the excitement for the hatching! The heart then detaches from the egg ready to be placed onto your rainbocorn. It remains removable so your little ones can choose whether to have It on or off or even swap and change with other rainbocorns.

We unveiled a pinnaple design and little lady loved the magical sequins.

Next it was time to hatch our rainbocorn!

The giant surprise egg pulls apart easily to reveal the rainbocorn safely nesting inside. We was all intrigued to see what was within the egg including Sam my mother and father in laws gorgeous old english sheepdog. You can spot his nose in the photo above!

We hatched……….


We didn’t spot this particular rainbocorn in this colour on the outer packaging so initially wasn’t 100% sure which one we had. A quick look at the little leaflet included confirmed we did indeed hatch a flamingocorn!

Freya was very happy and loved hatching the Rainbocorn! She’s called her bubbles.

The surprises don’t end there! Within the surprise egg you’ll also find Rainbocorn poop (slime/putty) another of Freya’s current favourites, character accessories, stickers and a baby boocorn character (40 to collect)

We loved taking part in global hatching day and overall we are very impressed with the quality of the Rainbocorn we received. The whole unboxing (or rather hatching) experience is tons of fun and little lady loved it! The flamingocorn is incredibly cute, soft and cuddly with gorgeous pastel colouring and a pleasent sweet scent. The other rainbocorns within the series look fantastic too!

Freya is a big fan of collectables so the added baby boocorn was a huge hit as was the other surprises included.

The rainbocorns series 2 retails at Β£24.99 which i think is very resonable for what you recieve and is suitable for ages 3 years and up. You can find out more at http://rainbocorns.zuru.com and they are available from Smyths and Argos nationwide.

DISCLAIMER *We was very kindly gifted the Rainbocorn series 2 in exchange for this blog post and social posts for global hatching day however all opinions and photos are my own*

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