[Review] Getting creative with the SO Bomb DIY 3 Pack.

[Review] Getting creative with the SO Bomb DIY 3 Pack.

We were kindly sent the So Bomb DIY 3 pack from Canal Toys to try out recently and todays post is all about how we got on. Bath bombs is one of little ladys current favourites and I love anything that allows her to get creative and hands on so we have been really looking forward to having a go with some of the SO DIY range which caught my attention at the most recent BlogOn bloggers conference.

So Bomb DIY 3 Pack

Freya is going through a phase at the moment of really disliking bathtime and quite honestly it has become a challenge, causing tantrums and tears and making it rather frustrating for us all. One thing that she does enjoy though is bath bombs! Infact we all do. Now i’m not saying they solve all the bathtime drama and we don’t always have them to hand but currently it’s the one thing that helps to bring the fun back to bathtime. That and the creative aspect to the So Bomb set made them very appealing to us.

The So Bomb DIY 3 pack gives you everything you need to design and make 3 of your own fun, fizzy bombs. Included within the set is:

  • 3 moulds
  • 3 bags of bicarbonate sodium
  • 3 citric acid bags
  • 1 mini pipette
  • 1 decoration bag
  • 3 cute mini characters
  • 1 instruction sheet

Little one couldn’t wait to get stuck in, so much so she wasn’t too impressed with having to wait for me to take photos! We started by setting out all the ingredients and tools, having a read through the instructions and gathering 3 bowls and a mixing spoon which is required to make the bath bombs.

The instructions are easy to follow, simply add 1 bag of bicarbonate soda, which is coloured and scented, into the bowl. Add one pipette (provided) of water, 1 bag of the citric acid and mix together. Freya was happy to get hands on and enjoyed helping with the mixing.

You can create your own unique designs and you’ll also find some inspiration on the back of the packaging which shows you which combinations are needed to achieve the pictured designs.

I believe these can differ and the designs included within our set were the mermaid, unicorn and cotton candy. To create these designs you will need to mix all three colours.

It didn’t take long to mix up the colours and then we went on to fill the moulds which again Freya really enjoyed getting hands on with. We used the different techniques described in the instructions to create a variety of designs.

We also hid the cute mini characters which added even more fun and excitement for little lady.

Freya loves collectibles, and is particularly fond of unicorns so this was perfect for her.

We added sprinkles to one of the designs and this quickly became Freya’s favourite. I do love how you can create a mixture of designs and as well as following the patterns included you can also let the little ones unleash their creativity and make their own unique bath bomb.

When each mould was filled and secured in place all that was left to do was wait. The instructions advise you to wait for 2 hours before opening the moulds.

Overall i was really impressed with the SO BOMB DIY set. It’s a simple,fun and creative activity that is great to do together and at Β£9.99 i do feel it’s fantastic value for money. Freya really enjoyed getting involved and loved the collectible characters thats included. It can get a little messy, although clean up took no time at all and after waiting the advised time the bath bombs set and have held their shape really well. They also smell lovely and we can’t wait to use them! I’ll update my insta feed to let you know how they fair in the bath!

Initially i did think this particular set would be more suited to older children and to be fair it is advertised for ages 6 plus which is a couple of years older than Freya (she was supervised at all times.) however she absolutely loved helping to mix the colours, creating the designs and filling the moulds and really enjoyed the whole activity. Thumbs up from us!

The SO BOMB DIY 3 pack is available from leading retailers nationwide.

* Disclaimer- We was gifted the SO BOMB DIY 3 PACK in exchange for an honest review. All photos and opinions are my own.*

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