[Review] So Slime DIY Colour Change Slime Shakers.

[Review] So Slime DIY Colour Change Slime Shakers.

Slime is something that little lady has found a fondness for more recently after she was kindly given a pot when we went for a meal at Frankie and Benny’s (who knew they had their own branded slime pots!) funnily enough that very same day i’d been drawn to the fantastic So Slime DIY range at Mays BlogOn Conference and was instantly convinced Freya would love it! Also (Confession) as silly as it sounds i’m quite into the whole slime phase, it’s fun, as long as it’s not too messy and I think there’s just something about slime thats just so satisfying, any one else? Just me? Anyway i just had to say yes when offered the opportunity to review the So Slime DIY Colour Change Slime Shakers and here’s how we got on!

So Slime DIY Colour Change Slime Shakers 3 Pack.

Freya was so excited when i presented to her the set of colour change slime shakers and both myself and my husband was very intrigued to see if it really was as easy as mix plus shake equals slime!

Included within the So Slime DIY Colour Change Slime Shakers 3 pack is:

  • 3 shaker pots
  • 3 bags of slime powder
  • 3 bags of decoration
  • 3 mini characters

Enough to create 3 pots of slime.

All the bits you need to create each slime batch are neatly tucked away in the pots, or shakers and we started off with Freya’s favourite colour, pink.

She is still loving her collectables so the added mini characters you get with each slime pot was very appreciated.

The truth is the process of making the slime really was very simple and Freya could get involved with the mixing, shaking and hiding the characters and she absolutely loved it!

You simply add the packet of slime powder and the glitter/confetti into the slime shaker. Add water to the lowest line (there is an arrow pointing to the fill line) pop on the lid and shake, shake, shake quickly for 30 seconds! Open the lid and leave for 5 minutes and then the slime is set to go.

When you first remove the slime it does feel quite sticky but that quickly fades and it turns to what i would describe as the perfect slime! Not too runny but still lovely and stretchy and squishy, fun to play with and a consistency just right for creating those funny fart sounds which Freya finds very amusing.

We was very impressed with how easy it was (disclaimer i still managed to put a tad to much water in the last batch which meant it was sticky for longer and the slime initially was slighty lumpy, completely down to me, total user error but despite my blunder after handling it still turned out absolutely fine)

We also loved that there was no mess! The glitter does transfer to the hands a little but easily washes off afterwards.

We all want to know what our kids is playing with is safe so i feel it’s important to mention that the So Slime DIY formula is completely non toxic which of course is fantastic. In fact it uses a natural gelling agent based on algae which i found very interesting.

One thing i will admit is thought the colour change aspect referred to mixing the slimes we had made together as step 3 on the back of the box says “Mix your slime to create new colours then put them together to create your style” which of course you can absolutetl do but it wasn’t until later i found out it’s infact the heat from your hands that triggers a colour change (this doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the box and there was no instruction sheet included) We then tested the heat triggered colour change with each slime, the original colours, the mixed colour and the one i put too much water in (insert face palm emoji) and found with all of them it seemed to be a very subtle gradual change which i guess is why we didn’t notice it straight away but it’s still a fun feature that adds something a bit different.

It was also quite fun to mix the slime anyway, it looked so pretty …

It ended up a very lovely purple so we colour changed in more ways than one!

Overall very, very impressed! Loved the set! It was great fun to make the slime together and little lady really enjoyed it. She continues to play with the slime which is kept securely in the shakers provided and at Β£9.99 for the pack of 3 it’s amazing value and i’m definitely interested in getting more. I know Freya would love more.

We’ve also reviewed the So Bomb DIY 3 pack

* Disclaimer- We were kindly gifted the So Slime DIY Color Change Slime Shakers by Canal Toys in exchange for this review. All photos and opinions are my own.*

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