[Review] My Little World – Eco friendly Craft & Play Set.

[Review] My Little World – Eco friendly Craft & Play Set.

If you follow my blog you may already know how fond little lady is of arts and crafts, as are we and recently we were kindly gifted the Fairy Village from My Little World to review. My Little World was founded by school friends Richard Walkling and Tim Frost, both parents that have teamed up and created an exciting range of portable cut out, colour and play sets which promotes a whole new world of roleplay.

My Little World – Fairy Village

We were very pleased to recieve the fairy village as it brings together so many things that Freya loves! Fairies, Unicorns, Animals just to name a few and wow the designs are incredibly charming, from the mushroom houses to the little insects it has a really fun and magical feel.

The set is very compact and would easily pack away making it portable and it is Eco friendly! The packaging is made from recycled cardboard and the activity cards made from paper that has been responsibly sourced. Being Eco friendly is a huge importance, we want to do what we can to look after the environment and take care of the world we live in so the fact that these sets are fully recyclable is of course a huge bonus!

You can tell that so much thought has gone into creating these designs and this is so much more than just a colouring set. Once coloured you can cut out the different buildings, characters and scenery and create little worlds to play in. It even comes with little stands for the houses! So not only does it promote creativity it also encourages little ones to use their imagination and allows them to create a wonderful scene perfect for role play.

The Characters are adorable, they have names and also a short bio which is such a lovely touch. I also really like how the characters are double sided with each side showing a different emotion. It adds to the role play aspect and can also be a fantastic tool to teach and talk to your little ones about emotions and their feelings.

Freya enjoyed the colouring in of the designs and characters and truth be told i enjoyed having a go too! I do think colouring can be quite therapeutic and this is a lovely activity to do together.

We mainly used the pack of 12 colouring pencils included within the set which are safety tested and good quality.

Freya had lots of fun setting up her scene, playing with the fairy dogs and making up stories and that was just using a fraction of the set, we still have lots to add.

Included with the Fairy Village is –

  • Fairy rabbits and dogs
  • Unicorns
  • Elves
  • Mushroom houses
  • Fairy palace
  • Wizards cottage
  • Fairy disco
  • Trees, bushes, flowers and magical scenery

All together you get 7 buildings, 15 fairies and 3 wizards and unicorns.

Other sets available are

  • Village high street
  • Space station foxtrot
  • Emergency services
  • Christmas time
  • Airport

We loved the Fairy Village and would definitely be interested in the other sets available.

The role playing aspect to the set has a big thumbs up from Freya and us, she loves it and it is something i can see her wanting to play with time and time again. It is described as beautifully simple and it really is, it goes back to basics using amazing drawings, card and colouring pencils to create such a magical, imaginative play time.

You can find out more about this set and the others available at My Little World

* Disclaimer – We were kindly gifted the My Little World Fairy Village Play Set in exchange for this review. All photos and opinions are my own.*

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