[Review] Heroclip – The Handy Hands Free Helper.

[Review] Heroclip – The Handy Hands Free Helper.

We love to get out and explore, more often than not taking along all our necessities in a backpack (or two) and so when offered the opportunity to try out an exciting, versatile tool that helps you to gather, fasten and/or hang your things I just had to say yes! The handy helper I’m referring to is called the Heroclip and we have indeed found it to be useful in more ways than one on our family days out however it doesn’t stop there! Infact this clever hybrid clip has an impressive number of uses both at home and when out and about.

So what is the Heroclip?

The Heroclip is a special hooked carabiner clip that really does allow you to securely hang just about anything, just about anywhere.

It is made from a strong, aircraft grade aluminium and rotates 360Β°.

It started it’s journey back in 2015 when founder and CEO Mina Yoo came up with the idea not long after she had her first baby and whilst taking part in training in preparation to summit Mt.Rainer. Finding that 2 hands was simply not enough for all the gear it was necessary to take along inspired her to create a versatile tool which could easily adapt to a variety of activities and so the Heroclip was created.

We have been using the Medium sized Heroclip which is the largest available, it is also available in the sizes small and mini. The medium size can hold up to 60lbs and is therefore suitable for those bulkier, heavier items like large rucksacks. So far we have used it primarily on our days out, it’s a very sturdy tool which is lightweight and very compact so no hassle to take along.

The hook which has a rubber tip for extra grip can be hung from a huge variety of things, branches, fences, walls, doors to name just a few and i love that it allows us to securely hang our stuff where we need it, especially when it saves bags from getting muddy or wet. The fact that it swivels is a great bonus as it means our things are easily accessible and the clip takes up hardly any room!

The hook also folds, twists and tucks around the carabiner clip and we’ve found the medium size has also been fab for holding smaller items like water bottles!

We’ve used it whilst out on picnics, when we’ve been out exploring, during walks, for things like hanging my handbag on a pitstip for icecream and even gathering our food shop bags to keep them secure on the journey home, as i mentioned above it’s a handy tool to have both at home and when out and about! You could it for a vareity of things like organising, gardening, hiking, cleaning and to hang a number of different items like bags, bottles, garden hoses, tools, cables, backpacks. The possibilities are endless.

We are more likely to continue using the Heroclip as a handy helper on our trips out, I’ve loved taking it along with us and we are very impressed with the quality of the clip and how adaptable it can be.

You can find out more about the Heroclip and just how many uses it has at myheroclip.com and it is currently available on Amazon.

You can also follow Heroclip and Atlantic Access, who help startups from the US launch in the UK and represents Heroclip, on social media. Find them on:

Instagram –



Twitter –



* We were kindly gifted the Heroclip by Atlantic Access to review. All photos and opinions are my own*

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