[Review] Mix, Roll, Love – The Energy Ball Recipe Kit.

[Review] Mix, Roll, Love – The Energy Ball Recipe Kit.

The energy ball recipe kits started their journey back in 2014 when the very lovely Victoria, became inspired by celebrity recipes. Her passion for making these yummy snacks continued to grow and after time she began substituting ingredients. Before she knew it she was creating her own successful recipes and fast forward to 2017, started to share her creations with others by publishing the recipes on her website. Recognising there didn’t seem to be many snack subscriptions available she built up a fantastic team, developed the Energy Ball Recipe kit and took along a prototype to an Enterprise Nation Wellness event in London. By July 2018 the kit was live on kickstarter and available to order!

I got to sample one of the energy ball recipes at the Blog On Conference held in Manchester back in May. I don’t know exactly which recipe it was on offer but it included coconut and was really yummy! I love to snack and a tasty, healthy alternative is always good right? How simple they are to make also pulled me in because as well as being a healthy, handy snack the little one could also enjoy getting hands on making them with us.

We were very kindly gifted a energy ball recipe starter kit which has enough indredients to make 10 energy balls.

You can recieve the energy balls as a monthly subscription and would be sent a different recipe each month with enough ingredients to make 30 energy balls. The team are planning on making the service even better by making it possible for customers to choose which recipe they would like to receive and hope to make that available in the future which would be fantastic.

We received the Cacao Protein Balls starter kit. The ingredients included were ground almonds, dates, peanut flour and cacao protein powder.

The starter kit also came with a recipe card that listed all the nutritional values of the energy balls and easy to follow instructions.

The packaging is plant based which is fully compostible and the cardboard fully recyclable.

Freya couldn’t wait to get stuck in and took charge of making the energy balls.

They really were very quick and simple to make, all we had to do was pop all the ingredients, which are already measured out, into a bowl, add 30ml of water and mix, mix, mix.

When ready you roll the mixture into the balls and there you have it, it’s done! You can eat them straight away but the recipe does state they taste even better when they’ve set in the fridge for 10 minutes and so that’s what we did. Disclaimer – i probably added too much water due to not being able to find the measuring jug *insert embarrassed monkey emoji* so ours may be a little stickier than they should be but still absolutely fine.

Now i’m not particularly adventurous with cooking and had not really tried anything like this recipe before, honestly i wasn’t too sure if i’d like it but was very pleasantly surprised. They are very tasty! Little one loved getting involved in the making but some of the other recipes would probably be more suited to her taste.

I do think they would be a great healthy alternative snack that you could enjoy at any time of day and really handy for those busier days to grab and go! They are very versatile and when stored in an air tight container will last for 7 days in the fridge. It’s possible to freeze them too!

( The recipe did make 10 but i ate some before taking the photo oops!)

The starter kits cost Β£9 and if you subscribe to recieve them monthly it costs Β£14 per month and considering that you get enough to make 30 i do think that’s a very resonable price. Prices right at time of posting this review.

You can find out more about the kits, other recipes and how the subscription works over at www.energyballrecipes.com

*We were kindly gifted the Energy Ball Recipe Starter Kit for this review. All photos and opinions are my own.*

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