(Review) So Slime DIY Slimelicious shakers

(Review) So Slime DIY Slimelicious shakers

It’s no secret that we are fans of the So DIY range which have a very impressive variety of fun and entertaining do it yourself sets that are great for kids. Little lady has really enjoyed them and they have been fantastic activities to do together (perfect for the summer hols!) We’ve recently reviewed kits from both the So Bomb and So Slime varieties and we have loved them so I was thrilled to be sent the So Slime Slimelicious shakers to review and once again we have been very impressed.

The gorgeously scented So Slime Slimeliciois sets are an extention to the original best sellers and the designs are adorable. We’ve been trying out the So Slime Slimelicious 3 pack, the slime you make smells like it’s shaker and there are 2 sets to collect.

The set we recieved included the Hot Chocolate, Milkshake and Bubblegum designs. Freya loves the cute, colourful containers, she’s very fond of pretend play often having tea parties and cooking us up a storm in her play kitchen so as you can imagine she adores these designs.

There are also popcorn, cola and grape slime shakers to collect.

Each set comes with –

3 Slime shakers

3 Scented slime powders

3 decoration packs

We started by making the hot chocolate scented slime.

You’ll find instruction sheets along with the slime powders and decoration packets all neatly secured within each shaker and the slime is very quick and simple to make meaning the little ones can easily get involved. Freya loves arts and crafts and enjoys hands on activities so the whole do it yourself aspect makes it a winner for us.

To create your slime you simply pop the scented powder into the shaker, fill to the line with water and shake for 30 seconds. After this remove the lid and leave for 5 minutes to set. Little lady couldn’t wait to get her hands on the slime and had fun adding the decorations.

I said in our previous review of the So Slime Colour Change Shakers that the set created what I would consider to be the perfect consistency for slime and the same goes for the Slimelicious set, it’s bouncy, squishy, not too sticky, mess free and lots of fun and Freya enjoyed making all of the slimes which really do smell strongly but pleasantly like their corresponding shaker.

The decoration packets are very generous, we do find they fall away from the slime a little but it does make a nice effect and adds something a bit different as do the lovely scents.

We are very impressed with the set and Freya continues to enjoy playing with the slime (she finds the fart sounds that can be created very amusing). I’m planning to do my very first Christmas gift guide later this year and as we’ve been so impressed with the shaker sets they are sure to feature. These sets are lots of fun and most importantly Freya loves them.

The So Slime Slimelicious Shaker 3 packs are advertised suitable for ages 6 and up however Freya loves the sets at 4 years old (supervised at all times). They retail at Β£9.99 which i think is incredibly resonable and they are available from all leading retailers now.

* We were kindly gifted the So Slime Slimelicious Shakers for this review but all opinions are my own.*

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