(Bloggers Boardgame Club) SET – The Family Game of Visual Perception.

(Bloggers Boardgame Club) SET – The Family Game of Visual Perception.

Boardgames are something that all three of us enjoy however we don’t tend to play them very often. We have a few toddler friendly games that are lots of fun but i would like to start expanding on our collection and introducing Freya to some different games. It’s something i’d definitely like us to do more, i love the idea of family game time and setting aside some dedicated time to play a variety of games, whether it’s card based, strategy, dice or classics but particularly family games that we can enjoy together and SET is one such game.

SET the family game of visual perception comes with a deck of 84 cards and a detailed instruction sheet. The aim of the game is to identify sets of 3 cards and the player who collects the most sets wins!

Each of the cards has four different characteristics which are –

Shape – Each card will have either ovals, squiggles or diamonds pictured.

Colour – The symbols on the cards are either red, purple or green.

Number – the cards will show either one, two or three symbols.

Lastly Shade – The symbols on the cards will either be solid, striped or outlined.

You make a SET with 3 cards on which each of the characteristics are either the same or different on each card.

So the shape, colour, number and shading must either be the same on all three cards or different on all three cards.

For example

This is not a SET because 2 cards are outlined and one is a solid colour.

This is a SET, all cards have the same colour, shape, number and each of the shading options.

To play you first shuffle the cards and lay 12 of them face up in a rectangular grid like so.

You can have up to 8 players and when the cards are laid each player studies the grid trying to find the SETs before the others. When you spot a set shout SET and point it out to the other players. If it is indeed a set you remove them from the grid and place them in your score pile.

Each set is worth 1 point and once a set is taken from the grid the dealer can then replace the cards with others from the deck. If however it is discovered it is not a set the player who called will lose a point and the grid is back open for all players to continue.

If there are no sets present add 3 more cards to the grid to make 15 however do not replace the next set with any cards so the grid is taken back down to 12. You can continue playing until the deck runs out and the winner is the player with the most points.

SET has won an impressive amount of awards, over 35 best game awards infact and can be played by 1 to 8 players.

I really enjoyed the layout of the game and think the 12 card grid works really well. The race to find the sets is fun and competitive and i do think if would be fab for family game time!

Little lady loves any game or activity that we can all get involved in and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the cards.

We did have lots of fun playing SET, i’ll admit i had to read the instructions through a couple of times to grasp the rules on what makes a set (and i’m not sure i have fully yet) but other than that it is a laugh and a very entertaining game.

Each game lasts approximately 20 minutes which is a good amount of time when playing with a little one, long enough to enjoy without her getting bored or impatient.

It is advertised as being suitable for ages 6 years and up however it’s easily adaptable to make it work for younger ones too. We simplified the rules a little to make it easier for Freya to join in, she turned 4 in May, and she loved matching the colours and shapes to make sets, it definitely brought out her competitive side and as she gets older we can introduce the other rules and continue to enjoy playing SET as she grows up.

Overall a thumbs up from us!

SET is available on Amazon currently retailing at Β£9.99 (Price right at the time of writing this post)

* We were kindly sent SET for being part of the Bloggers Boardgame Club and in exchange for this review. All opinions are honest and my own*

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