(Bloggers Boardgame Club) Slide Quest.

(Bloggers Boardgame Club) Slide Quest.

We are currently part of the bloggers board game club and was very kindly sent Slide Quest in exchange for an honest review. Slide Quest is a cleverly designed board game in which you use levers to carefully manoeuvre your way through plenty of challenging levels. Play alone or in a team as the brave knight and make your way through an obstacle packed adventure in order to beat the bad guys and save the kingdom. It’s a board game with a difference and a fantastic choice for a fun family game.

Slide Quest

The detailed instruction sheet included explains the set up of the game clearly, making putting it all together a quick and easy process. Little one also enjoyed helping to put all the pieces in place to complete the colourful and creative levels.

The contents are neatly secured within the box and store nicely.

I like how the the trap and level boards sit neatly overtop all the smaller items helping to keep them safe after play.

All the contents look and feel strong and sturdy and overall a very good quality.

Within the box you will find –

1 board with traps

4 levers

20 maps, which complete 4 kinds of worlds

1 rolling knight

8 obstacles (arches, large barriers, small barriers and rocks).

9 traps (dynamite, guards and a villian)

1 life counter

1 heart marker

1 game saver

You actually use the bottom of the outer box as the base and to catch anything that falls into the traps.

To set up the game place the 4 levers, into the notches found on each side of the base of the box.

The brown plastic board which has a number of traps sits on top of the levers and then your chosen map over the trap board.

Each board makes up a level which you guide the rolling knight across. They are numbered from 1 to 20 and the higher the level the more difficult it is to complete. If any game componants are required on the map it will be indicated by symbols.

In the picture above we have level 7 which needs rocks, barriers, an arch and dynamite.

Here it is all set up!

You can choose the difficulty level by selecting levels on the heart marker provided. Easy has the green background, Normal has the blue background and difficult has the red background. The higher the difficulty the less lives you start with.

As mentioned above there are 20 different maps each with different types of missions to complete before moving on to the next. From simple paths to follow ensuring not to fall through the traps to pushing guards, ridding of villians, avoiding rocks, dodging dynamite and going through arches! It’s certainly a challenging game, very detailed, entertaining and very clever.

The rolling knight can lose and win lives during your adventures through the maps. There can be up to 4 players and you must communicate with your team to keep control by moving the 4 levers to tilt the board and move the knight along the path. Make your way from one side to the other whilst trying to avoid the traps and other obstacles and if you want you can even pause a game by using the game saver to keep track of your lives and which level you got to!

It’s such a laugh to work together to complete the maps.

There is also a variety of ways you can play Slide Quest including mini quests, the grand quest, a timed mode and even a hero mode which adds even more excitement and increases the challenging aspect to the game even more and i think makes it even more interesting.

The game ends if you run out of lives meaning you need to start again or if you succeed and complete the last level of the chosen game mode.


We love a game of Slide Quest! It is an incredibly well designed game and all the components go together perfectly meaning the control and movement works exactly as it should. Playing together as a team to complete the maps is so much fun and although it is aimed at ages 7 and up Freya, who was 4 last May, really enjoys playing and has requested to play Slide Quest a number of times. With a little help she happily takes control of one of the levers and the more we play the better her control becomes. It’s a game that i’m sure she’ll continue to love as she grows and the fact that we can all get involved and enjoy the game together makes it a winner for us! A very welll thought out and incredibly fun boardgame. Thumbs up from us!

Slide Quest is available on Amazon.

*We was very grateful to be gifted Slide Quest in exchange for this review. All photos are my own unless stated and all opinions true.*

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