(Bloggers Board game Club) 7 Wonders.

(Bloggers Board game Club) 7 Wonders.

We have been taking part in the bloggers board game club and was kindly gifted 7 Wonders to review. 7 Wonders is a game of strategy in which you can choose to lead one of seven mighty cities from the ancient world. As this game has been awarded more than 30 international awards I was very excited to delve in and see if we can succeed in building the wonders.

7 Wonders

A game of growing military might, commercial relationships, progression and developing your cities, leaving your mark in the history of civilisation and reaching the goal of building an architectural wonder.

There is alot of elements to this game and it does come with a very detailed instruction booklet.

You do also receive a quick rules sheet for the game and on the reverse of this you’ll find descriptions of all the symbols. I found, especially for the first game, to understand the many elements that make up a turn and the game overall it was necessary to read through the booklet.

In this review i’ll give you an overview of how to play and an honest account of how we got on when playing 7 Wonders.

Here is a list of all the contents included within the 7 Wonders boardgame.

7 Wonder boards

7 Wonder cards

Age 1 cards (49)

Age 2 cards (49)

Age 3 cards (50)

Conflict tokens (46)

Value 3 coins (24)

Value 1 coins (46)

1 Score book

1 Rule book

1 Help sheet

2 Player cards (2)

The game of 7 Wonders comes with 3 decks of cards, Age 1 cards, Age 2 cards and Age 3. The game will take place over these 3 Ages which are each represented by one of the 3 card decks included.

The game can be played with 2-7 players and each player has the opportunity to use 6 cards from each of the Ages in order to develop their city and ultimately build their magnificent wonder.

When each Age has been completed all players compare their military might with players to their right and left, which would be their neighbouring cities.

Players accumulate victory points as the game progresses and at the end of the 3rd Age the player with the most points wins!

Game Set Up.

7 wonders is aimed at ages 10 and up, it is a rather complex game and not really adaptable for younger players so this time it’s just myself and Luke thats been playing.

There are some rule adjustments for attempting the game with 2 players (which we didn’t realise straight away). Setting up for the first game took some time, the instructions are clear however there is alot to take in, that being said once you’ve played a few times and you’re more used to the set up it would become easier and much quicker.

After determining which cards you need for your game you shuffle the 7 wonder cards and each player picks what will then be their wonder card.

Deal the coins and other tokens and then gameplay can commence.


I’m going to be completely honest here and say that we are still very much getting used to the gameplay. There is alot of info to get to grips with and i’m sure it’s going to take a few more games to fully understand the game actions, but it is something i want to master. It’s a very indepth and extremely clever game.

The game will begin with the Age 1 cards and move into Age 2 & Age 3 as it progresses. Each player receives a deck of 7 cards which should be dealt randomly. During each turn players choose a single card and action it simultaneously. After you’ve actioned your card you give your deck to the player sitting to the left or right of you.

Once you’ve selected your card you then perform an action as part of the turn. This can be either building a structure, building a stage of the wonder or swapping selected card for 3 coins. (Each player starts with 3 coins)

Some cards cost coins to construct, some are free and some require resources. There are various sections in the instruction booklet that covers commerce, construction, conflict tokens and coins etc as well as the different cards used.

Ultimately the player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins!

Players build their dealt or chosen wonder in stages using a card of their choice fron their deck as a construction marker. It must be done in the correct order howevr it’s not mandatory and you can still win the game if you haven’t completed your wonder.

Overall 7 wonders is a game that does appeal to us. I knew straight away that Luke would be a fan, he loves history and the whole stratedy gameplay is something he really enjoys. It’s completely different to anything i’ve ever played however I am enjoying learning and it is a game that we will want to play again and again.

7 wonders is available on Amazon

* We was kindly sent 7 Wonders in exchange for this review. All photos and opinions are my own. *

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