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Hello and welcome to My Little Brushneen Blog!

I’m Kayleigh, Mummy to Freya, aka little monkey and she is 3 years old, Wifey to Luke, beauty therapist, family and beauty blogger. Luke and I  met at college and have been inseparable for a little over 11 years, engaged for 4 and we were finally be married in June 2018. We welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world in May 2015 and so our adventures in parenthood began bringing with it many challenges,  countless rewards, tears, smiles and introducing us to a love like no other.

 As a family living in the beautiful Cotswolds we love any opportunity to get out and about and enjoy the great outdoors, we love days out together exploring both new and favourite places but would say we equally enjoy those cosy, lazy family days at home every now and then, family time is the best time. Currently our little lady is enjoying arts and crafts, Playdoh, Books, Lego Duplo, Princesses and learning to spell her name.

I have many interests including beauty, fashion, photography and writing. As a child I always enjoyed writing stories and English language and literature was my favourite subject throughout my education.

I had considered blogging for many years before going for it as i just never really had the confidence to publish. My little Brushneen Blog is a place for me document our family life, days out and adventures, lifestyle, interests and a place for me to open up about living with an anxiety disorder. I was diagnosed with G.A.D (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) in my teens and have found writing/journaling very therapeutic especially during the tougher times, it seemed writing it down on paper was a sort of release, getting it out of my system. I tried to hide my condition for a long time before seeking help for fear of being judged and raising mental health awareness is something I feel passionate about. If sharing my experiences helps in even just a teeny tiny way then its most definitely worth it.

If you would like to find out a little more about us please have a browse through my posts and it would mean so much if you stick around and follow our adventures.

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